Discover the true essence of Easter celebrations in France

On 1st of April, France will also take part in the celebration of Easter along with the entire world. It is an important day for the Christian community, as it marks the day when Jesus Christ came back to life, after he was mercilessly crucified on the wooden cross.

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Paris: a unique investment opportunity for an iconic monument

There have been few figures who have aroused such intense and lasting reactions as those of the Iron Lady; everyone has an opinion of her. Depending on one’s view of her, words used to describe may vary wildly and can be completely contradictory: cold, hard, beautiful, hideous, record-breaking, unsightly, long serving and suffering, a dominating […]

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Summer 2014: Normandy in the limelight

The 6th June 2014 will mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

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May First, Bank Holiday & Lily in the Valley

Have you ever tried to contact any private or public company in France on May 1st? You may know then, that it is impossible. Indeed, May 1st is a bank holiday, and

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