Why Do People Prefer Turkey Over Other Forms Of Meat On Christmas?

Christmas is all about following old traditions and getting along with family members to enjoy a good time. An essential and age-old culture that we have been following for centuries is carving a full roast Turkey to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

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Parisian brasseries, mais oui!

Wanna make a bet? If I say one word I can guarantee that hundreds of clichéd images will instantly cloud your head.

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French Wine & Food feasts this September in Paris

This month, two wine and French food feast are planned in Paris. Take the occasion to discover new tastes! Mind the details below: For 4 whole days, wine and food lovers are invited to the “Sea & Vine & Gastronomy” fair to taste and to chat about great food and alcohols.

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Poitou Charentes: impressive historical heritage

Poitou Charentes is composed of four departments: Vienna, Deux-Sevres, Charente and Charente Maritime.

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Mix pleasure and healthy food in your French garden

In France, the garden is often considered as deserving as much care as any other part of a property. Very much established as part of the French art of living, the garden is a warmplace to be enjoyed with family or friends. After the living room,

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Best local food in the south of France

For centuries, the whole world has appreciated French cuisine. Varied, both hearty and balanced, French cooks have built up their reputation step by step. Traditional French recipes became very popular when

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