Discover the true essence of Easter celebrations in France

On 1st of April, France will also take part in the celebration of Easter along with the entire world. It is an important day for the Christian community, as it marks the day when Jesus Christ came back to life, after he was mercilessly crucified on the wooden cross.

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Easter in France

Easter, called Pâques in France, is a Christian festivity that commemorates the rebirth of Jesus. The Easter Sunday, a day of celebration with lots of food and chocolate, always follows the Good Friday (the day of Jesus’ death).

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What are you planning for your Easter week-end?

We have only just started 2011 but already spring is arriving. Do you need some peace and quiet to forget the packed days of Christmas and New Year’s? The first spring week-end we think of to get away is usually Easter. Not only does the Easter week-end mean eggs and chocolate,

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