Discovering Corsica – An Experience Of A Lifetime

More than three million people visit Corsica each year, drawn by the mild climate and some of the most diverse landscapes in all Europe. Nowhere in the Mediterranean there are beaches finer than the island’s perfect half-moon bays of white sand and transparent water, or seascapes more dramatic than the red porphyry Calanches of the […]

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Discovering The Pyrenees Orientales Region Of France

For most of its life, the Pyrenees-Orientales region (formerly called Roussillon) of Languedoc was Spanish, only reverting to France in 1659. Since then it has retained a distinctively Catalan flavour, with Catalan spoken widely, and the Sardana dance, Bullfights and Paschal rituals still performed. The food too has a Spanish flavour, with spicy chorizzo and […]

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Discovering The Lot Department In France

The Lot is in the region now known as Occitanie. Aptly named, it has it all. It is the department where the transition from the cooler, wetter north to the dry, hot south is encapsulated. The honey-coloured walls, steep roofs and small, flat tiles of the houses and pigonniers of the north part of the […]

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Top Three Attractions For Tourists In The Northern France

There is no doubt about the fact that France is a beautiful country. Thanks to the development of tourism industry, more and more people can afford to take a trip to this amazing country that is not only known for its architecture and delicious cuisines. If you have the thirst to check out new countries […]

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Discover the beauty of Limousin

In the heart of Massif Central, Limousin is a region of endless green spaces, rivers and lakes that immerse you in a colorful and vivid landscapes. Limousin is perfect for nature lovers as well as art lovers

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