August French Mortgage Update

After six months of rises, banks are making the most of a calm spell for the OAT during the summer holidays and stabilising their mortgage rates. This status quo will remain for

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July French Mortgage Update

Real estate mortgage rates are still rising   L’Agence Nationale d’Information pour le Logement (the ANIL for short- the national agency which provides information on housing), published its latest market rate indicator last month,

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December French Mortgage Update

Individuals are not having too much trouble finding financing, and can borrow at very interesting rates. Indeed for the fourth month in a row, interest rates are at their lowest ever

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November French Mortgage Update

Interest rates are at their lowest ever rates for the last sixty years. Set in motion back in the spring of 2009, the revival of the French mortgage loan market continues. So far for the whole of 2010, the sector should progress in the order of 25%.

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French Property mortgages increase by 17% according to study

The total figures of French property mortgages granted by the French banks in 2010 should reach €140 billion in 2010, which is 17% more than in 2009, but remains far from the 2007 record of €170.23 billion,

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New Mortgage with variable rate available

.The French banks usually index their rates to Euribor 3-month currently at 0.827%. But if you are currently looking for a mortgage to finance your project,

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