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Ephrussi de Rothschild luxury villa in Cote d’Azur

If you are planning a trip to Nice the Beautiful this summer, you must visit the Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa. Opened everyday all year round, this beautiful villa is worth the detour. Located right between Nice and Monaco, the villa enjoys a perfect location alongside the French Riviera coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Read more »

Eiffel Tower at night, Paris, France

Paris: a unique investment opportunity for an iconic monument

There have been few figures who have aroused such intense and lasting reactions as those of the Iron Lady; everyone has an opinion of her. Depending on one’s view of her, words used to describe may vary wildly and can be completely contradictory: cold, hard, beautiful, hideous, record-breaking, unsightly, long serving and suffering, a dominating figure, globally recognisable, radical, indomitable, stubborn, a game-changer iconic, a landscape changer, unique, symbolic. I am, of course, talking about the Gallic Iron Lady, the Eiffel Tower, or as she is sometimes known colloquially the Dame de Fer.

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How to buy a French vineyard

Numerous wine lovers purchase vineyards in France, including wine professionals who want to expand, middle age people who want to start a new business, and those looking for either an investment project or a new lifestyle. Now the question is: where to invest? The answer depends on your project and budget.  France has plenty to offer with different types of land and over 800,000 ha of vineyards.

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How to celebrate Easter in France?

Easter is a particularly enjoyable day in France. Even if Easter is similar in France than in other Christian countries, it still has its own traditions. France has a strong catholic history and celebrates Easter with great enthusiasm. This religious holiday is also synonym of a traditional gathering for families. Find out how French people enjoy Easter!


French Property market report: some optimistic news for real estate in 2015.

Good news for real estate agents! According to the Xerfi office, perspectives on medium terms are quite encouraging thanks to the French government’s measures. A recent study made by the Crédit Foncier shows that real estate professionals seem to worry about the evolution of purchasing power. Figures show that 74% of them are considering an imminent prices drop for old properties (52% of them) or a sales stagnation or a decline (for 78% of them). Don’t worry; the three next reports highlight the positive environment in real estate.


Le Printemps de Pérouges: the opportunity to discover the Rhone region during the festival

Le Printemps de Pérouges is a music festival which takes place in several original places: the medieval city of Pérouges, the Parc des Oiseaux and in Lyon. It is a very particular festival: singular places are used for shows like parks, factories, restaurants, music halls, theatres, farms, castles… From the 31st of March to the 9th of July, you will enjoy a large number of shows by professional performers, humorists, lyric singers, opera music, world music, classic music, Irish dancers … There is something for everyone!

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Finally, France wins the second “Battle of Waterloo”!

Supported by several European countries, France expressed its disagreement with the creation of a two Euros coin, produced by Belgium to celebrate the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle. According to BBC, France, which refused the idea of a coin that remembers a French defeat, had won.


Some tips to make your second home profitable

In Europe, France is the country with the largest number of second homes. Despite decreasing prices, maintenance costs represent from 4 to 5% of its acquisition value. Here are some tips to help you renting out better and reducing these costs. Read more »

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Saint Patrick’s Day – Les Bleus turn green for the day!

A little bit of history…

As we all know, Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. As we may not all know, he is also the Patron Saint of Nigeria! He is best known for bringing Christianity to Ireland during the 5th century. While exact dates are unknown, it is assumed that he was born around 385 in Scotland. His parents were Roman citizens living in either Scotland or Wales. He was captured as a teenager and taken to Ireland where he was kept as a slave for six years and herded sheep. He managed to escape but later returned to Ireland as an adult, this time as a missionary among the Celtic pagans. In 1631, many years after his death the Church made him a Saint. Read more »


March’s currency update: €/£ rate of 1.40 in sight

The euro has not been so resilient over the last seven days. It was the weakest performer among the major currencies, falling by two cents against sterling and losing one and half US cents. The euro is also the biggest loser in the year to date, down by nine and a half US cents and nine and three quarter cents lower against the pound.