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Bastille day: 7 facts you probably did not know about

Bastille day is to France what Independence day is to the United States of America. A nationwide commemoration behind what is arguably a key event if not THE key event in the history of both countries. Sextant Properties do not manage properties in North America yet so we will focus on France only this time. […]

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Oldest jazz festival in Europe kicking off this week

The French riviera is known around the world but connoisseurs, tend to call it what it is, the Côte d’Azur – just like the locals! The sheer sound of those words usually reflect sophistication and summertime bliss, even to those who have never visited this exquisite Mediterranean coast line.

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July’s currency update

The pound continues to remain under pressure, as it briefly dipped again this morning, but recovered by lunchtime. Following the weekend, sterling has come out higher against most major currencies, strengthening by 1% versus EUR and USD.

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Tour de France

Most of France will be talking about football yesterday as their team managed a historic win against reigning champions Germany. For our part, we will be covering one of the greatest cycling races in the world, if not the greatest, Le Tour de France – with a coverage of some of our nicest properties along […]

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4.5 months: the time it takes to acquire a French property

Finding a property is much easier nowadays, it also requires less time according to a French bank as they published the results of their latest survey on the acquisition processes for a main residence.

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Odalys seals historic partnership with Chinese Group Hywin

Odalys, the number 2 company in the tourism property sector across France and Europe, is about to open 35% of its capital to the Chinese Group Hywin. The main objective of this partnership is to develop the tourism industry in China.

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France regions

New names for the 13 new regions of France

The new map of France arising from the territorial reform is now complete. The Regional Councillors had until 1 July 2016 to determine their new name. The last region which needed to be renamed was the Aquitaine Limousin Poitou Charentes that will now be called “Nouvelle Aquitaine”. Thanks to this decision, we now know the […]

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Brexit: what are the consequences for the French property market?

David Cameron dramatically announced his resignation on the 24th June after a shock vote for Brexit. The Brexit came as a shock for most of us as the remain was predicted on the 23rd June.

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Fête de la Musique 2016

Each year, French people invade streets and places of cities and villages of France to listen freely professional or amateur musicians. Initiated in 1982 by Jack Lang, the former Minister of Culture, this popular event gathers millions of people everywhere in France and abroad.

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The beautiful overseas departments of France

Having discovered the beautiful overseas regions of France in a previous article, we will now have a look at what the French overseas territories have to offer. Discover the history, culture as well as  some tips on what to do while you are there.

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