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Is it possible not to have a cooling off period when buying a property in France?

The case: A couple wants to buy a holiday home in France via a specially set-up SCI company (Ltd equivalent in the UK). The estate agent warns them that in that case, they would lose all withdrawal rights. Is it true?

Sainte Foy

More price reductions expected for the French housing market

According to professionals, this year’s old dwelling prices in France should continue to slowly reduce, after three consecutive years of decrease. The reduction in property prices is definitely an ongoing phenomenon throughout the French territory.


January’s currency update: €/£ reached 1.30

It was quite a week for the euro. The single currency was already on the back foot last Friday and it lost further ground this week. It was the weakest performer among the major currencies, losing one and three quarter US cents and falling by two and a half cents against sterling.


French freedom of speech threatened with the attack at Charlie Hebdo

The offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo were attacked by two masked gunmen in Paris, this 7th of January. 12 people, including the editor Stéphane Charbonnier "Charb", 7 other employees as well as 2 Police officers were killed in the assault and 11 others were wounded.


Why not celebrate Epiphany with a traditional French pastry?

The season to enjoy the traditional Galette des Rois has finally come! Much more than just a cake, the Galette is deeply rooted in French tradition. It celebrates Epiphany, on January 6th. Epiphany comes from the Greek Epiphaneia, appearing and marks the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem to see baby Jesus.


An Aladdin’s Cave Of Hidden Treasures – In Western France!

Forgotten for 50 years, a rusting collection of 60 classic cars has been rediscovered by car specialists Matthieu Lamoure and Pierre Novikoff of Artcurial Motorcars. Left untouched, languishing in numerous makeshift shelters, lean-tos, garages and various outbuildings on a farm in western France, some of the cars are in very sorry states indeed.


New Year, New Start, New You?

Get in shape, save more money, live for the moment a little more, spend more time with family… It feels like only yesterday I was writing my New Year‘s resolutions for 2014, yet, here we are at the end of 2014, and what have I done? If I’m truly honest, not a great deal apart from perhaps successively break most of my New Year’s resolutions, but I’m hopeful, as ever, that 2015 may be the time I finally embark on some real changes for good. If 2015 is the year that you’ve finally decided to leave the daily grind and live your dream in France, we may have a ready-made option well worth having a look at.

If 2015 is the year that you’ve finally decided to live your dream in France, we may have a ready-made option well worth having a look at.

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Ski Like The French: Elegantly, Gracefully And With Style

Snow has finally arrived in the French Alps! While the slopes were originally due to open on 20th December, many ski stations were able to open a week earlier than expected. Thanks to wonderful weather conditions, twenty stations were able to open on Saturday 13th December. Snow also hit the Pyrenees; Font Romeu Les Angles opened 10 pistes and Cauterets opened 8. Cross-country skiers will be pleased to learn that all 25km of slopes are open in the Savoie Grand Revard ski area, as are a selection of the Lac Blanc slopes.

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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Come on, let’s try Megève!

When it comes to winter magic, mountains have got everything going for them: sparkling snow, days to be spent skiing, the comfort of the sunny mountain terraces, mulled wine, cosy chalets, tasty fondue … With Christmas is on its way and the first snowflakes beginning to fall, there is truly nothing better than revelling in the winter magic of the ski resorts and beautiful Alpine villages with their wooden chalets.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?


Inside secrets of the warming village of Châtel during Winter

France can be a truly magical place to spend time in winter. It is an incredibly diverse country – each region has developed its own distinct cultural character and heritage, making for a rich and varied collection of Christmas traditions. France lends itself especially well to Christmas – the mountain landscapes of the Alpine regions, such as Châtel, are blanketed by a thick covering of sparkling snow throughout the autumn and winter, and cosy wooden chalets lit by strings of fairy lights with the tantalising scent of mulled wine and raclette in the air are evocative of the festive season.

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