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August’s currency update

Things in Euroland have moved on a long way from the precarious situation in early July.  Greece’s government has apologised to Brussels for messing around, the parliament in Athens has approved reform measures unthinkable a couple of months ago and a new bailout has been agreed, all bar the dotting of a few Is and the crossing of some remaining Ts.

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Twilight aerial view of Paris skyline, France from Montparnasse Tower with Eiffel Tower in the focus of the image. In the background the skyscrappers of La Defense district.

What to do in France for the 15th of August?

The 15th of August is a bank holiday in France, celebrating the Assumption of Mary to heaven. On this occasion, many museums and shops will be closed. It does not means you will find yourself with nothing to do, have a look at all the activities organised and plan your day!


Top 10 swimming pools in France

Here is our summer selection of the top 10 best swimming pool properties for sale at Sextant: Read more »

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EU succession regulation and French property

UK nationals can elect in their will English law to apply to their French assets. Although Brussels 4 appears to be good news for UK nationals owning properties In France, it still remains the uncertainty over an English Will being challenged before the French court if it deprives the children of their right to inherit.

What about Bordeaux?

Never heard of the lovely city of Bordeaux? While it’s true that it is best known because of its famous wine and vineyards -if not the most famous – in the whole wine industry.


July’s currency update

Not only did the Greek government and its creditors go down to the wire with their bailout negotiations, they went beyond it and they are still moving. Last Friday, with no agreement in sight and the IMF repayment deadline just four days away...


What are the “frais de Notaire”?

If you are buying a property in France, you may have come across the expression “frais de notaire”. Despite the name, they are not actually fees for the Notaire but a confusing way of naming all the fees related to the purchase of a property in France. First of all, all the fees related to a purchase are at the buyer’s expense pursuant to the French Civil Code.


Case Study: non-married couples and French property

The following case study shows the importance for non-married couples to take legal & tax advice when purchasing properties in France. In contrast to married couples, non-married couples (“concubins”) have low legal protection and are subject to very high inheritance tax (at a rate of 60%) in France.

low energy house

French home energy performance solutions

A survey carried out with French people and their concerns about energy performance solutions was conducted recently. The director of a property network argues that energy performance has a significant impact on the value of a property within the context of a transaction and that we now have to pay more attention to it.

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Purchase your own watermill!

It is time to fulfil your dreams: purchase your own watermill in Brittany. Read more »