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What are the “frais de Notaire”?

If you are buying a property in France, you may have come across the expression “frais de notaire”. Despite the name, they are not actually fees for the Notaire but a confusing way of naming all the fees related to the purchase of a property in France. First of all, all the fees related to a purchase are at the buyer’s expense pursuant to the French Civil Code.


Case Study: non-married couples and French property

The following case study shows the importance for non-married couples to take legal & tax advice when purchasing properties in France. In contrast to married couples, non-married couples (“concubins”) have low legal protection and are subject to very high inheritance tax (at a rate of 60%) in France.

low energy house

French home energy performance solutions

A survey carried out with French people and their concerns about energy performance solutions was conducted recently. The director of a property network argues that energy performance has a significant impact on the value of a property within the context of a transaction and that we now have to pay more attention to it.

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Purchase your own watermill!

It is time to fulfil your dreams: purchase your own watermill in Brittany. Read more »

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Worried about the French CGT? 2015 update

When buying a property in France, it’s important to keep in mind that the value of the property is likely to increase with time, resulting in a capital gain. A Capital Gains Tax (CGT), known in French as an ‘impôt sur les plus values’ is only applicable on the increase.


Jazz-à-Juan festival celebrates its 55th birthday!

Created in 1960, this year the “Jazz à Juan” festival celebrates its 55th birthday; for 9 days, jazz will be played and celebrated everywhere in Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins. From 10th to 19th July, come and enjoy the atmosphere and unique performances by famous jazz musicians! Read more »


June’s currency update

Since the euro’s rebound in mid-March it has been looking reasonably chipper.  In April it was in the leading group of major currencies, strengthening by five eighths of a cent against sterling and the Australian dollar and taking four and a quarter cents off the back marker, the US dollar.

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Tips for preparing for your summer holiday in France

Summer is here! Plane tickets, accommodation and taxi to the airport are booked, your bags are (just about) packed. But are you completely sure you’re ready to travel? Read more »

Twilight aerial view of Paris skyline, France from Montparnasse Tower with Eiffel Tower in the focus of the image. In the background the skyscrappers of La Defense district.

Paris property market is cheaper than in London

The difference of prices in Paris property market, particularly in prestige range, is increasing compared to London. This phenomenon encourages the buying process in the French capital, where the offer is growing too, according to a study made by the Colwell Banker network. Read more »


The Monaco Grand Prix is coming!

The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race which takes place each year in the streets of Monaco, known as a dangerous place to race. It requires such a concentration to finish the circuit. This Formula One motor race is a mythical Grand Prix that each driver wants to win and it is the slowest and the hardest Formula One World Championship. It is very hard to win in Monaco as the smallest mistake in these streets can be fatal. Made of corners, followed by a tunnel, the circuit is very hard to end. Famous names such as Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher had succeeded. Read more »