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In, out, in, out and shake it all about: what could a Brexit mean for me?

23rd June normally passes by unnoticed, a summer’s day around half way through the year when many people are looking forward to their summer holidays. This year, however, the countdown is on: will Britain decide to remain a member of the European Union or vote to leave the community of which it has been a […]

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Recruitment is full steam ahead at Sextant

In 2013, Sextant launched its network of independent estate agents and it has proven to be a very successful model as they have now 85 agents registered with them, offering more than 4,000 French properties for sale.

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The countryside comes to Paris!

When you think of the French countryside, certain images may spring to mind: vast sunflower fields, rolling hills, fresh water springs, and the sight of grazing cows in the Limousin.

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London real estate: most properties now cost over £500k

London is the most expansive capital in the European Union behind Paris Regarding prices, Paris and London are the two capitals the most expansive of the European Union. In 2013, the average price per square meter in Paris was more than 8,100 euros, while in London, it reached 10,000 euros, according to a study of […]

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February currency update

Considering the global stock market turmoil of late and the wild swings in the oil price over the last 5 days, you have to say that the European single currency has managed to avoid any major calamity

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French property sales close to early 2000s records

The National Association of Estate Agents (FNAIM) believes the record level of 800,000 sales has been exceeded in 2015.

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Top 6 things to do on Valentine’s Day in Paris

Originally a Christian feast day, the 14th of February is the day to celebrate love.

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Mardi-Gras – Pancake Tuesday

Mardi-Gras, known as Fat Tuesday in French, marks the beginning of Lent. It is synonymous with carnivals, colours, masks, confetti and parties! Discover our Top 7 places to go in France to celebrate it!

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Top 5 places to spend Christmas in France

It’s the plus merveilleux time of the year, have you ever thought of spending it in the plus merveilleux country in the world? Here’s our list of the top places to spend Christmas in France, do let us know if you’re spending it anywhere exciting that hasn’t made our list!

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December Currency update

This week was always only ever going to be about the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision and subsequent statement which had been so long anticipated.

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