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How to choose your second home?

Do you want a lovely house by the sea or a charming chalet in a ski resort? Will you use your second home for several months of the year or just a few weeks? Here is some advice to help you to find your future second home in France.
How often do you plan to use your second home?

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Changes in the French mapping system: from 22 to 13 regions

On Wednesday 23rd July 2014, the French government voted in favour of a bill to reduce the number of regions down to 13. The proposal was surprisingly adopted by MPs with a score of 261 votes against 205.
Currently there are 22 regions in France but from January 2015 there will be 13 regions. 7 mergers are expected and 6 regions will remain unchanged.

What are the expected mergers?

Discover the Châteaux de la Loire in the moonlight

This summer, there is nothing better than discover the Loire Valley’s historical heritage under the stars. The traditional French province of Touraine is best known for its Renaissance châteaux and its rich historical background.

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A vendre

What you should know about Sextant Properties’ Exclusive sales agreements?

When selling your French property through an estate agent, you are offered a choice between simple, semi-exclusive or exclusive sales agreements.

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Un voyage à Nantes (A Journey to Nantes)

Thanks to a €26.2 million budget, “Un Voyage à Nantes” (A Journey to Nantes) is an annual summer event with the aim of promoting culture in Nantes. This year, you can enjoy this wonderful event in the city from 27th July to 31st August.


July’s currency update

Despite the unfolding drama in Ukraine and Gaza it was another relatively uneventful week in the foreign exchange market. The losers were the Canadian and New Zealand dollars, both of which suffered as expectations of interest rate increases were marked down.


Summer time: Let’s go to a French Festival

From June to September all over France, open air festivals take place, replacing the crowded concert halls of winter. Let’s explore some of the best festivals to attend across the channel. They are excellent opportunities to spend time with your friends and family in France.

Summer time: Let’s go to a French Festival

Sextant has moved to King’s Cross: it is now even easier to meet us in London

On 27th June, Sextant Properties moved from Kentish Town to its new address: York House, 207-221 Pentonville Rd, London.
What does this mean?


French summer sales: Bargain time is here!

Today, at 8 am, the summer sales have started in France. All French girls have been waiting for the opening of shops this Wednesday 25th of June to rush into all clothing shops and to be the first to buy their favourite trousers, top or accessories that they already chose one week ago.

French summer sales: Bargain time is here!

1.Estivales Coeur Médoc

Father’s Day: Still haven’t bought Dad a present?

Next Sunday, in the UK as well as in France, we celebrate the Father’s Day. For a long time, it used to be celebrated on the 19th of March, on the Joseph’s day, as a reference of the Christ’s father. The Father’s Day without any religious connotation has been created in the USA in 1912. It has been fixed on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Father's Day: Still haven't bought Dad a present?