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Happy Halloween!

Where can you celebrate Halloween in France this year?

Long established in Ireland, the UK and the US, it would be fair to say that Halloween is not quite as widely celebrated in France as abroad. However, change is afoot, albeit slowly, and each year more events crop up for young and old alike to celebrate the autumnal feast. We’ve made a round-up of some of the spookiest Halloween events happening all over France this year. Read more »


October currency update

The euro started the week with a slight advantage over the weakened US dollar following the previous Friday’s disappointing non-farm payrolls release which saw 142,000 jobs created during September versus an expectation of 200,000 plus. With downwards revisions to earlier month’s data, it was clear the US dollar would not have it all its own way, although the euro too was not going to be in for a smooth ride over the week.


Legal considerations when buying a French leaseback

A “leaseback” property transaction is the purchase of a freehold furnished property in a Service Residential Property. It is a tax discounted investment. In return for the discount the property must be leased back to a management company for a minimum of nine years. Leaseback schemes are most known to be tourism residencies...

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Choc-Horror, or Paris and chocolate are always a good idea

-Knock Knock

-“Who’s there?”

-“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” Read more »


September currency update

The Euro managed to stage a small recovery over the last five days in spite of the previous weeks reaffirmation from European Central bank Governor Mario Draghi that the Eurozone’s current woes did warrant further negative revisions to the regions GDP (Gross Domestic Product) forecasts. His willingness to yet again state his unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to restore economic prosperity was interpreted as more QE (quantitative easing) measures being available.

Another sunny day at the beach in Cannes

L’art de vivre on the French Riviera

What is l’art de vivre? Firstly it’s so French a phrase that we decided to keep the original in English. The French art of living is renowned over the world; the country welcomes 83 million tourists per year, eager to get their annual booster of that je ne sais quoi, scores of people from all over the world dream of leaving behind their grey homelands and setting up over there.

Xavie'z kitchen

Who is going to help you with your kitchen in France?

The sales agreement has been signed, you have a completion date, now is a good time to prepare all the little changes you may have in mind to make the property you are buying your dream home. Read more »

Baux de Provence

For a unique experience, visit the Baux de Provence

If you are lucky enough to be heading out to the Provence region in southern France this month, do not miss the spectacular village of Les Baux de Provence.
Set on the top of a rocky hill, the ruins of the Baux Chateau offer amazing views over the plains of Provence. The Provencal word “Bau” means craggy cliff and inspired the name of the Baux family, who built the Chateau in the 12th century. Listed as a heritage site, this is a must see if you’re in the area, it is said to be one of the most picturesque village in France.

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August’s currency update

Things in Euroland have moved on a long way from the precarious situation in early July.  Greece’s government has apologised to Brussels for messing around, the parliament in Athens has approved reform measures unthinkable a couple of months ago and a new bailout has been agreed, all bar the dotting of a few Is and the crossing of some remaining Ts.

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Twilight aerial view of Paris skyline, France from Montparnasse Tower with Eiffel Tower in the focus of the image. In the background the skyscrappers of La Defense district.

What to do in France for the 15th of August?

The 15th of August is a bank holiday in France, celebrating the Assumption of Mary to heaven. On this occasion, many museums and shops will be closed. It does not means you will find yourself with nothing to do, have a look at all the activities organised and plan your day!