New names for new regions: the debate moves forward

. Since the first of January 2016, the former 27 regions of France became 18 in order to make more savings at a region level, by hiring less elected representatives for example. Even if the question of the departments will remain the same as it is not going to change, the debate about the new […]

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Opinion poll: Sextant is the best French Estate Agent Network

. The Sextant Network obtained a 100% satisfaction score according to an opinion poll carried out by TNS Sofres. This survey strengthens Sextant’s rank among the top networks of estate agents in France.

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Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side (of The Channel)?

Since the world economic crisis of 2008, there had been a quintessentially British, quiet exodus of France. However, attracted by a favourable Euro/Pound exchange rate and better quality of life, numbers of British people planning a new life in France are on the up. Is life really better for Brits in France rather than in […]

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French Overseas Regions

France has numerous overseas regions presenting a different face of France as you may know it. White sandy beaches, rum cocktails, traditional dishes and dance are just a taste of what you might experience in one of these regions, all are waiting to be discovered!

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Why is Antibes so popular among Brits?

Over the past two centuries, it’s as if British people have invaded the Côte d’Azur, creating a real parallel society. Probably to flee the rain and cold of Blighty, they particularly like the South of France. For many, the French Riviera is the perfect area to enjoy the sun and warmth of the beautiful country […]

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April’s currency update

The European single currency has maintained its recent strong tone having gained further ground against both the US dollar and British pound over the last week.

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Palace of Versailles

How to get your hands on a slice of French history

In a bid to reduce its public debt, the French state has been selling off parts of its extensive real estate portfolio for several years. As the owners of some real historical gems, sales of such assets can produce significant amounts of capital which help boost the French economy. As a result of this policy, […]

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In, out, in, out and shake it all about: what could a Brexit mean for me?

23rd June normally passes by unnoticed, a summer’s day around half way through the year when many people are looking forward to their summer holidays. This year, however, the countdown is on: will Britain decide to remain a member of the European Union or vote to leave the community of which it has been a […]

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Recruitment is full steam ahead at Sextant

In 2013, Sextant launched its network of independent estate agents and it has proven to be a very successful model as they have now 85 agents registered with them, offering more than 4,000 French properties for sale.

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The countryside comes to Paris!

When you think of the French countryside, certain images may spring to mind: vast sunflower fields, rolling hills, fresh water springs, and the sight of grazing cows in the Limousin.

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