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The ‘Ile de Beauté’: follow in the footsteps of Honoré de Balzac

In March 1838, the celebrated French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac stayed in Bastia, Corsica. Today, the character building he stayed in is listed as a Historical Monument and now is the time to seize your chance to own a piece of history! Relive Balzac’s moments in Corsica

Le Marathon du Médoc: the French wine race

Save the date! On 13th of September, thousands of thirsty runners will compete in the 30th edition of the Marathon du Médoc. The 26 mile course runs through prestigious vineyards where competitors will enjoy … red wine stops

French Wine & Food feasts this September in Paris

This month, two wine and French food feast are planned in Paris. Take the occasion to discover new tastes! Mind the details below:

For 4 whole days, wine and food lovers are invited to the “Sea & Vine & Gastronomy” fair to taste and to chat about great food and alcohols.

Between the 5th and the 8th of September


French mortgage interest rates reach new low

Interest rates have fallen by 38 basis points from the beginning of the year, for the new-build housing market (2.67 % now compared to 3.08 % in December 2013), the existing housing market (2.69 % now and 3.08 % in December) and also the renovation work market (2.73 % and 3.12 % in December). This is the first time since the late 1940s taht mortgage interest rates have reached (and stayed at) such low levels.

(2.67 % now compared to 3.08 % in December 2013), the existing housing market (2.69 % now and 3.08 % in December) and also the renovation work market (2.73 % and 3.12 % in December).


August’s currency update

It was a so-so week for the euro. The single currency was steady against the US and Canadian dollars and, of course, the Swiss franc. It picked up half a cent against the British pound and two thirds of an Australian cent: both of those currencies had to contend with unsatisfactory economic data. The finalised euro zone purchasing managers' index readings were alright but they failed to match up to the promise of the provisional figures a week earlier.


What are the most expensive seaside resorts in France this summer?

Sextant market research team has carried out a study to find out the most expensive holiday destinations this year by analysing the average price of hotel rooms.

In the ranking of the 20 most expensive resorts


How to choose your second home?

Do you want a lovely house by the sea or a charming chalet in a ski resort? Will you use your second home for several months of the year or just a few weeks? Here is some advice to help you to find your future second home in France.
How often do you plan to use your second home?

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Changes in the French mapping system: from 22 to 13 regions

On Wednesday 23rd July 2014, the French government voted in favour of a bill to reduce the number of regions down to 13. The proposal was surprisingly adopted by MPs with a score of 261 votes against 205.
Currently there are 22 regions in France but from January 2015 there will be 13 regions. 7 mergers are expected and 6 regions will remain unchanged.

What are the expected mergers?

Discover the Châteaux de la Loire in the moonlight

This summer, there is nothing better than discover the Loire Valley’s historical heritage under the stars. The traditional French province of Touraine is best known for its Renaissance châteaux and its rich historical background.

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A vendre

What you should know about Sextant Properties’ Exclusive sales agreements?

When selling your French property through an estate agent, you are offered a choice between simple, semi-exclusive or exclusive sales agreements.

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