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An entire Ski resort is for sale in France for 550.000 euros

Last year, the sale of an entire French village gave ideas to others as this year, an entire French ski resort goes on sale.


Free advertising opportunity for your future Business in France

Do you feel like your work/life balance just isn’t working?  Do you spend long hours at work and less time than you’d like with your friends and family? Read more »

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10 points to check before renting your holiday home

As many owners, you may wish to rent your holiday home. Here is the list of the most important points you should check before doing so. Like an increasing number of owners, you may want to rent your holiday home while you are away. Here is the list of the most important points you should check before doing so.


The new French tax budget for 2013 explained!

Most of the measures decided for the 2013 budget are related to high income generated in France, which explain mainly why the new politic of Francois Hollande will not affect non residents.

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France Boosts its Electric Car Industry

After the serious crisis, which affected the PSA car maker group the last few weeks, the French government has just announced a massive plan to support the national “green” car industry


How to Earn a Salary in Addition to your Pension

According to the French social institute, men earn on average more money on their pension than women. However, this system is quite difficult to understand. However, this system is quite difficult to understand


Sextant Launches a Business Directory !

Sextant French Properties is pleased to announce the launch of its French business directory. Now available, it allows all businesses, primarily settled on the French territory


Create an apartment in your French house

Today, many potential buyers have become disillusioned with paying increasingly high prices for a proportionately small and unoriginal living space. They are looking for affordable apartments, close to all amenities. Why not try living in a converted apartment in a house? It could be a good idea especially for English people


Capital gains taxes on French property explained

Capital gains tax in France is called ‘impôt sur les plus values’ and is payable on the sale of land or buildings, on shares, and certain other personal property. It is determined by the difference between the sale price and the purchase price. After the purchase of a French house, taxes become digressive

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Find a job in France

Some French candidates have a tendency to apply mainly for jobs with big companies. Do not be like them, do not disregard PMEs (Small and medium-sized businesses)! Of course, career management is less organized, but it is these kinds of companies which are recruiting… mall and medium sized businesses also have other advantages.

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