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The 10 Most Beautiful Christmas Markets of France

Originally named “Marches St Nicolas”, then “Marche de L’Enfant Jesus”, Christmas markets started back in the 14thC in Alsace and Germany. In France, during many centuries, these markets took place 8 days before Christmas


How to Earn a Salary in Addition to your Pension

According to the French social institute, men earn on average more money on their pension than women. However, this system is quite difficult to understand. However, this system is quite difficult to understand


Sextant Launches a Business Directory !

Sextant French Properties is pleased to announce the launch of its French business directory. Now available, it allows all businesses, primarily settled on the French territory


Don’t Forget Your EHIC Before Moving to France

At a reduced cost but typically free of charge, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enables anyone to receive any medical treatment in Launched on June 1st 2004, this card protects any

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Travel insurance

Many European citizens think that they do not need any travel insurance to travel to France because they‘re staying inside the European Union. However after having a car accident, losing luggage or having an item stolen, many will regret their decision. Read more »

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