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Ski, invest, relax: 50% of properties sold within a week!

Although this prestige residence only came onto the market last Thursday, 50% of the properties have already been sold to French buyers! What about the Brits? Are they going to miss out on this fantastic opportunity?!

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Capital gains tax boost for French home owners

Francois Hollande wants to reduced the waiting time to obtain an exemption from CGT on second homes from 30 to 22 years of ownership. Good news for home owners and the French real estate market, but there is still some mystery.


The new French tax budget for 2013 explained!

Most of the measures decided for the 2013 budget are related to high income generated in France, which explain mainly why the new politic of Francois Hollande will not affect non residents.

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How to Earn a Salary in Addition to your Pension

According to the French social institute, men earn on average more money on their pension than women. However, this system is quite difficult to understand. However, this system is quite difficult to understand


When retiring to France, you must think about…

Many Britons want to retire to France as it is the destination for a pension abroad. Many options are available


Brits won’t be considered in Francois Hollande’s new holiday home rent tax

Thousands of Britons currently own a home in France and fear the new taxation which will be put in place by the new French President Francois Hollande. However, this taxation only concerns those who


Did You Buy Cash and Have Second Thoughts? Opt for a Post-Finance Mortgage!

Sometimes, you may realize a French property requires extra cash for redecoration, renovation, or simply for your something else you didn’t plan on spending in the UK. A post-finance French mortgage


Prepare your Finances Before Moving to France

More and more people living in the UK would like to move to France, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Currently, over 200,000 British


What May Change with the New French President, Francois Hollande?

As you may already know, France has just learned about a change of political direction with the election of the left-wing candidate, Francois Hollande, as Republic President. The new leader has planned numerous reforms in the state for the next 5 years, with

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Leaving your legacy in France (Tax breaks)

The French legal system has remained unchanged for a very long time but has in recent years been the subject matter of a string of important reforms.  Striking changes include among others...

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