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Home staging in France : thank you TV !

Home staging, the art of prompting love at first sight when visiting a property, is common practice in the UK, the kingdom of the DIY ! Even though France is very close, home-staging is not that common there for most of the French owners will tell you that they want to make money and not spend it. They hardly understand that to make money, especially in these troubled times, you have to spend some.


Cost of Living: France vs. UK

The reason why people choose expatriation in France is primarily for the quality of living; and obviously, the cost of living is an important factor when it comes to a high quality lifestyle.

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Receiving UK TV in France: help and advice

Many English people who move to France think that they won’t be able to watch UK TV in France or that they will need expensive gadgets and subscriptions. Read more »

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Tv in France

The Facts

The only sure way to obtain access to UK TV in France is via a digital satellite receiver and dish. Terrestrial TV (ie. through an aerial) will simply not work, Read more »