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How to celebrate Easter in France?

Easter is a particularly enjoyable day in France. Even if Easter is similar in France than in other Christian countries, it still has its own traditions. France has a strong catholic history and celebrates Easter with great enthusiasm. This religious holiday is also synonym of a traditional gathering for families. Find out how French people enjoy Easter!


Half-timbered houses in France

Half-timbered houses, part of the French historic heritage, can be found in several regions through out France. One may ask oneself though, how and why were these houses built? Read through this article to solve the half-timbered houses enigma…


Parisian brasseries, mais oui!

Wanna make a bet? If I say one word I can guarantee that hundreds of clichéd images will instantly cloud your head. That word is Paris.


Discovering Châtel: a ski resort for everyone

Châtel is a family ski domain also called Les Portes du Soleil, It is a welcoming medium size family resort where you can enjoy the skiable domain, the local flavors and its character chalets which represent the remnants of the past and the soul of the village.


Corsica and Great Britain, let’s continue writing the history…

Corsica is a paradise for nature lovers. Scuba diving, hiking, tourism, relaxing are among the main activities there. All of these features make Corsica the perfect place to enjoy life.


Is it possible not to have a cooling off period when buying a property in France?

The case: A couple wants to buy a holiday home in France via a specially set-up SCI company (Ltd equivalent in the UK). The estate agent warns them that in that case, they would lose all withdrawal rights. Is it true?


The Route du Rhum race is back!

After 4 long years, the famous Route du Rhum race is back in Saint Malo! The 10th edition of the competition will start at 2pm on the 2nd November. The objective: to sail solo from Metropolitan France to the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe within the allocated time.

The single-handed sea race will gather nearly 100 men and women ready to depart from Brittany


Le Salon du Chocolat coming soon to Paris!

The annual not-to-be-missed event will take place in Paris at the Parc des Expositions from 29th October to 2nd November.

For its 20th anniversary in Paris


Le Marathon du Médoc: the French wine race

Save the date! On 13th of September, thousands of thirsty runners will compete in the 30th edition of the Marathon du Médoc. The 26 mile course runs through prestigious vineyards where competitors will enjoy … red wine stops


French Wine & Food feasts this September in Paris

This month, two wine and French food feast are planned in Paris. Take the occasion to discover new tastes! Mind the details below:

For 4 whole days, wine and food lovers are invited to the “Sea & Vine & Gastronomy” fair to taste and to chat about great food and alcohols.

Between the 5th and the 8th of September