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L’art de vivre on the French Riviera

What is l’art de vivre? Firstly it’s so French a phrase that we decided to keep the original in English. The French art of living is renowned over the world; the country welcomes 83 million tourists per year, eager to get their annual booster of that je ne sais quoi, scores of people from all over the world dream of leaving behind their grey homelands and setting up over there.


For a unique experience, visit the Baux de Provence

If you are lucky enough to be heading out to the Provence region in southern France this month, do not miss the spectacular village of Les Baux de Provence.
Set on the top of a rocky hill, the ruins of the Baux Chateau offer amazing views over the plains of Provence. The Provencal word “Bau” means craggy cliff and inspired the name of the Baux family, who built the Chateau in the 12th century. Listed as a heritage site, this is a must see if you’re in the area, it is said to be one of the most picturesque village in France.

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What to do in France for the 15th of August?

The 15th of August is a bank holiday in France, celebrating the Assumption of Mary to heaven. On this occasion, many museums and shops will be closed. It does not means you will find yourself with nothing to do, have a look at all the activities organised and plan your day!


What about Bordeaux?

Never heard of the lovely city of Bordeaux? While it’s true that it is best known because of its famous wine and vineyards -if not the most famous – in the whole wine industry.


Jazz-à-Juan festival celebrates its 55th birthday!

Created in 1960, this year the “Jazz à Juan” festival celebrates its 55th birthday; for 9 days, jazz will be played and celebrated everywhere in Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins. From 10th to 19th July, come and enjoy the atmosphere and unique performances by famous jazz musicians! Read more »


Tips for preparing for your summer holiday in France

Summer is here! Plane tickets, accommodation and taxi to the airport are booked, your bags are (just about) packed. But are you completely sure you’re ready to travel? Read more »


The Monaco Grand Prix is coming!

The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race which takes place each year in the streets of Monaco, known as a dangerous place to race. It requires such a concentration to finish the circuit. This Formula One motor race is a mythical Grand Prix that each driver wants to win and it is the slowest and the hardest Formula One World Championship. It is very hard to win in Monaco as the smallest mistake in these streets can be fatal. Made of corners, followed by a tunnel, the circuit is very hard to end. Famous names such as Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher had succeeded. Read more »


Brégançon fortress : the French presidential retreat

The very old Brégançon stone fort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, known as the french presidential retreat, is now open to the public. From now on, the gates will be opened from 14th May to 30th September without interruption. Read more »


The 68th edition of the Cannes Film Festival

Each year in May, the Cannes International Film Festival takes place on the Cote d’Azur for the pleasure of cinema-lovers and celebrities. This year, the festival will run from the 13th to 24th of May. Read more »


Greek Villa Kerylos in Cote d’Azur

This fabulous Greek villa was created by Theodore Reinach (1860-1928) and Emmanuel Pontremoli (1865-1956). T. Reinach had a double doctorate in law and arts in Frankfurt. Devoted to Ancient Greece, he also was an archaeologist, a papyrologist, a numismatist and a musicologist. E. Pontremoli was an architect. His goal was not to imitate but reinventing Greece.