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The ‘Ile de Beauté’: follow in the footsteps of Honoré de Balzac

In March 1838, the celebrated French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac stayed in Bastia, Corsica. Today, the character building he stayed in is listed as a Historical Monument and now is the time to seize your chance to own a piece of history! Relive Balzac’s moments in Corsica


Sextant Launches a Business Directory !

Sextant French Properties is pleased to announce the launch of its French business directory. Now available, it allows all businesses, primarily settled on the French territory


Bastide, mas, longere… French houses explained

Lost in the French property vocabulary? No need to panic, you will find here a list of terms widely used to describe

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Top 10 guides to live in France

Speaking French

Like any language, French can be learned efficiently with practice. In addition, living in France will make your learning easier, because you will hear French in all occasions, whether you are at the supermarket or listening to the radio while driving! Moreover, you will surely find...

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Sainte Catherine – 25th of November

Sainte Catherine is celebrated on the 25th of November. Catherine of Alexandria is the patron of the barbers, wheelwrights, rope makers, drapers, schoolchild and students, wool spinners, genealogists, millers...


Education in France

The educational system

The educational system is extremely important in France, more than 15million people (both teachers and students) have a direct link with it which represents 1/4th of the total population. The Preamble of French constitution sets out that “the Nation guarantees equal access for children and adults to education, vocational training and culture” and therefore considerable means are implemented to succeed it


Tips to improve your French speaking skills


If you plan to move to France, you should probably consider learning the French language in order to be able to hold a conversation with your neighbours. The French are notoriously known for not speaking great English and this will often be the case if your new property is in the heart of the countryside


Create an apartment in your French house

Today, many potential buyers have become disillusioned with paying increasingly high prices for a proportionately small and unoriginal living space. They are looking for affordable apartments, close to all amenities. Why not try living in a converted apartment in a house? It could be a good idea especially for English people


What to do when retiring to France?

Moving to France to live permanently can be an exciting and a daunting prospect, especially if you are retired. But the good news is that in many areas there are clubs and associations where you can meet like minded people, while the slower pace of life means there’s time to chat and say hello

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Yet another reason to move to France!

A survey released at the end of last year placed the UK as the worst place to live in Europe, in terms of quality of life. And guess who came out on top? Yes, France topped the chart, thanks to the earliest retirement age in Europe, the highest percentage of...