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Prepare your Finances Before Moving to France

More and more people living in the UK would like to move to France, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Currently, over 200,000 British


Don’t Forget Your EHIC Before Moving to France

At a reduced cost but typically free of charge, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enables anyone to receive any medical treatment in Launched on June 1st 2004, this card protects any

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Holiday Home Insurance in France

Is your asset properly protected?
As the owner of a property abroad or a second home in the UK, you already understand the importance of protecting your valuable asset


Travel insurance

Many European citizens think that they do not need any travel insurance to travel to France because they‘re staying inside the European Union. However after having a car accident, losing luggage or having an item stolen, many will regret their decision. Read more »

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A guide to Insurance in France

For new arrivals: the French like insurance; many different scenarios require policies you may or may not have carried back home. Here’s how to make sure you are properly insured while living in France. The French insurance market offers


Renovating a house in France

Research and groundwork
Research and groundwork in the beginning will pay dividends later. Make contact not only with agents but also with architects, builders and even Geometres or Expertises (Surveyors) if necessary to obtain as much information as possible Read more »


Health service in France

The French health service is one of the best; care is comprehensive and excellent, and waiting is practically unknown.

It is however, contributions based, which means that people do not automatically have health insurance entitling them to free healthcare, although of course doctors and clinics have to treat all emergency cases and since 2001, the system attempts to ensure that everyone has health insurance. Read more »

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Mortgage rates are still favourable for the purchase of a French property!

Better results are expected as mortgage rates are favourable for customers, even if most banks have seen their rates rise. Taking into account that 2010 probably saw the lowest rates


Opening a bank account in France has never been so easy

You are buying a French property and would like to open a French bank account but don’t know how to proceed: What documents are required? Who to contact? Don’t worry we are here to help you.


Letting your property to students in winter could provide valuable rental income!

When the summer holidays come to an end, with you packing your bags, French students are about to go back school. This traditional period is called La Rentrée (the return).  It is also a time when young people are about to start their first professional job and may not be able to afford to buy a French property