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Focus: Bathing areas in France

Every year, the European Environment Agency publishes a report on bathing water quality in France. This year, 74 out of 3222 registered bathing areas turned out to have a poor water quality; 15 of them are located in Brittany.


Prepare your Finances Before Moving to France

More and more people living in the UK would like to move to France, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Currently, over 200,000 British


Travelling to France with Your Pets

Do you have pets and feel guilty when you go to France without them? Now is the time to enquire and undertake procedures so that your beloved friend can follow you on holiday or in your new French home.


Health service in France

The French health service is one of the best; care is comprehensive and excellent, and waiting is practically unknown.

It is however, contributions based, which means that people do not automatically have health insurance entitling them to free healthcare, although of course doctors and clinics have to treat all emergency cases and since 2001, the system attempts to ensure that everyone has health insurance. Read more »

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Property: Invest for seniors

As there are only 200 senior residences in France and one third of the French population will be over 60 by 2050 (compared to 20% nowadays) more and more property developers are starting to offer new residences for seniors. These residences come with numerous fiscal advantages and are a very good and secure investment.


Don’t retire in France without checking health insurance options

Moving to France is an exciting adventure. You just found the right property to retire and are ready to cross the Manche to live in France. Everything has been fixed but one thing...

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From one country to another: what you should know about health insurance

Health is a major concern when travelling abroad, equally for a short stay or a permanent move. That is why you ought to be very careful about your health insurance policy and get informed beforehand..


Spa town: living with the benefits of water springs

If you enjoy the pleasures of thermal baths, France offers numerous spas in different regions, mainly in mountain or seaside areas. If you are looking for a house to buy ...


10 things you MUST take to France

A checklist for your viewing trip

The Usual Stuff:

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