Outdoor Activities in France This Summer

If you are an outdoorsy type of a person, there are lots you can do to enjoy yourself in France this summer. Read on for the top 10 activities that draw millions of tourists every year from across the globe.

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2017 Tour De France: All Set To Entertain Sport Lovers

One annual event that keeps the sport lovers on the edge of their seats is the Tour de France. It is a world class cycling competition that takes place on the French soil every year. It is a prestigious event and cyclists from all over the world aspire to take part in this championship.

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Top 10 French Beaches One Must Never Miss

If you associate France with only love, then you are wrong. Apart from the amazing art, architecture, food and fashion, France is also known for the beautiful beaches that will give you a unique feel. If you are traveling to France this summer, make sure you check out the top ten beaches, which have been […]

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How to find the best place to stay during the Cannes Festival?

For the lucky ones who will go to the Cannes Festival this year, it remains one BIG question: where are you going to sleep? If you leave it to the last minute, this question will become your worst nightmare. This is why Sextant will give you the best tips to find the perfect properties to […]

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Top 6 regions for a villa in Southern France

The South of France has inspired numerous artists, one of the most famous ones probably is Van Gogh. The Dutch painter produced numerous masterpieces there and managed to capture its essence! But there is more to the South than Provence. The whole southern part of France is very picturesque with variety of scenery, culture and […]

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Menton, the worldwide capital of lemon

The popular resort on the French riviera is poised on the border with Italy. It is also just 4 miles away from Monaco. Being at the crossroads of regions, you can imagine that such a picturesque spot would be coveted by all parties involved, and it was.

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