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French home energy performance solutions

A survey carried out with French people and their concerns about energy performance solutions was conducted recently. The director of a property network argues that energy performance has a significant impact on the value of a property within the context of a transaction and that we now have to pay more attention to it.

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Home staging in France : thank you TV !

Home staging, the art of prompting love at first sight when visiting a property, is common practice in the UK, the kingdom of the DIY ! Even though France is very close, home-staging is not that common there for most of the French owners will tell you that they want to make money and not spend it. They hardly understand that to make money, especially in these troubled times, you have to spend some.


Tips for a green home

Green is the new thing !

 Apart from an environmental protection purpose, energy savings raise economic concerns. Green is the new thing !


Sextant finests’ Mills!

Here is a selection of some of Sextant Properties finests’Mills.

Vendee – Beautiful restored windmill with gardens €192,400

of some of Sextant Properties finests'Mills.

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Choose The Tiles That Best Fit Your Roof!


France is the only country that has 150 models and more than 200 colors of rooftops


The Digital Lock Phenomenon

Different types of locks exists, a wide new range of digital locks are now on the market and present great solutions when it comes to secure our homes.


Security Locks for your French property

There are now safety standards governing the development and certification of safety locks. The A2p Standard “prevention protection insurance” was created in 1984 from an insurers’ initiative. This French standard is issued by the "National Centre for Prevention and Protection".


Why is it Worth Buying by the Seaside?

Put aside old stone houses and enjoy the comfort of new housing by following our tips. Why not look for a pied-a-terre with sea view?


Ideas to Eco-Renovate your House

Nowadays, we all want to minimise environmental damage and reduce our energy bills. Eco-renovation is most commonly known as “Ecovation.” It consists of using energy efficient materials, or replacing your current house materials


Create/Organise a Library in Your French House

Do you have too many books upside down, tucked under staircases or other out-of-the-way spaces Well, any book addict needs some