What about Bordeaux?

Never heard of the lovely city of Bordeaux? While it’s true that it is best known because of its famous wine and vineyards -if not the most famous –

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Le Marathon du Médoc: the French wine race

Save the date! On 13th of September, thousands of thirsty runners will compete in the 30th edition of the Marathon du Médoc.

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Spring has sprung: pamper yourself with tools, sun and a garden

Spring is almost here! The weather has already begun to show signs of better things to come. But what to do when the weather is so nice?

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What is the favourite France’s city for French people?

Paris has always been considered as the most beautiful city in France according to foreigners, besides it is the most visited city in France and even in Europe since around 27 millions tourists come to visit Paris every year. But is this city the favourite one of French people ?

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The Most Unusual Sextant Houses

Perigourdine house on 1.6 ha land with lake, pool and cottage (in Neuvic)

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Old properties: the expected price decrease remains very limited

The drop of real estate prices, which was planned after a 7% increase last year, seems to have been just an illusion.

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A Cozy Alternative for Holidays: A French Home in the Perigord

Gary and his wife Lucie, a British couple from Portsmouth, felt like finding a quiet place to get away from their stressful and busy hometown during the holiday. Former building and decoration contractors, who were

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Top 10 Sextant Country Houses

On our website, you will find the most prestigious French properties set in the countryside. We know you will agree that nothing is

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Top 5 French Beaches

Looking for a place to spend the sunny, enchanting days of summer this year? Then this list of the top 5 beautiful beaches of France will certainly give

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Tillol global 300

Guesthouse Business in France: The Home That You Need

Have you ever thought about running your own guesthouse business in France? If you are afraid that it might be too complicated for you, then we have a property that will show you how you can

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