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Paris: a unique investment opportunity for an iconic monument

There have been few figures who have aroused such intense and lasting reactions as those of the Iron Lady; everyone has an opinion of her. Depending on one’s view of her, words used to describe may vary wildly and can be completely contradictory: cold, hard, beautiful, hideous, record-breaking, unsightly, long serving and suffering, a dominating figure, globally recognisable, radical, indomitable, stubborn, a game-changer iconic, a landscape changer, unique, symbolic. I am, of course, talking about the Gallic Iron Lady, the Eiffel Tower, or as she is sometimes known colloquially the Dame de Fer.

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How to buy a French vineyard

Numerous wine lovers purchase vineyards in France, including wine professionals who want to expand, middle age people who want to start a new business, and those looking for either an investment project or a new lifestyle. Now the question is: where to invest? The answer depends on your project and budget.  France has plenty to offer with different types of land and over 800,000 ha of vineyards.

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French Property market report: some optimistic news for real estate in 2015.

Good news for real estate agents! According to the Xerfi office, perspectives on medium terms are quite encouraging thanks to the French government’s measures. A recent study made by the Crédit Foncier shows that real estate professionals seem to worry about the evolution of purchasing power. Figures show that 74% of them are considering an imminent prices drop for old properties (52% of them) or a sales stagnation or a decline (for 78% of them). Don’t worry; the three next reports highlight the positive environment in real estate.


Some tips to make your second home profitable

In Europe, France is the country with the largest number of second homes. Despite decreasing prices, maintenance costs represent from 4 to 5% of its acquisition value. Here are some tips to help you renting out better and reducing these costs. Read more »


Taxation of non-residents: European Court disagrees with France

On Thursday, 26th February, European Court of Luxembourg pronounced a landmark case which now deprives France of the right to get social security contributions on the property incomes of foreigners.

It concluded that France did not have the right to submit to the Cotisation Sociale Généralisée (CSG) and the Contribution de Remboursement de la Dette Sociale (CRDS) property incomes from non-French residents


Half-timbered houses in France

Half-timbered houses, part of the French historic heritage, can be found in several regions through out France. One may ask oneself though, how and why were these houses built? Read through this article to solve the half-timbered houses enigma…


Parisian brasseries, mais oui!

Wanna make a bet? If I say one word I can guarantee that hundreds of clichéd images will instantly cloud your head. That word is Paris.


Discovering Châtel: a ski resort for everyone

Châtel is a family ski domain also called Les Portes du Soleil, It is a welcoming medium size family resort where you can enjoy the skiable domain, the local flavors and its character chalets which represent the remnants of the past and the soul of the village.


Odalys is back on track

After several tense months, negotiations regarding the potential handover of Odalys, the no2 in French holiday resorts, have come to an end. Thanks to a capital increase of €25 million, the Groupe Financiere Duval (Duval Financial Group) will remain the major shareholder with 85% of shares.


Corsica and Great Britain, let’s continue writing the history…

Corsica is a paradise for nature lovers. Scuba diving, hiking, tourism, relaxing are among the main activities there. All of these features make Corsica the perfect place to enjoy life.