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Overview of capital gains tax for non-residents in France

Since reforms taken by the French government in 2012 in regards to capital gains tax, France has been seen by international property investors as being not tax friendly in comparison with the UK. Read more »


May’s currency update

Since the euro’s rebound in mid-March it has been looking reasonably chipper. In April it was in the leading group of major currencies, strengthening by five eighths of a cent against sterling and the Australian dollar and taking four and a quarter cents off the back marker, the US dollar.


Non-residents can claim a refund of French social charges

Since 2012, many non-French residents selling or letting their French properties had to pay French social charges (15.5%) in addition to their capital gains or income taxes. This tax addition was highly criticised by the non-French residents as being discriminatory. A risk of double taxation was created on tax payers residing in a EU Member State. Read more »


How to buy a French vineyard

Numerous wine lovers purchase vineyards in France, including wine professionals who want to expand, middle age people who want to start a new business, and those looking for either an investment project or a new lifestyle. Now the question is: where to invest? The answer depends on your project and budget.  France has plenty to offer with different types of land and over 800,000 ha of vineyards.

Read more »


French Property market report: some optimistic news for real estate in 2015.

Good news for real estate agents! According to the Xerfi office, perspectives on medium terms are quite encouraging thanks to the French government’s measures. A recent study made by the Crédit Foncier shows that real estate professionals seem to worry about the evolution of purchasing power. Figures show that 74% of them are considering an imminent prices drop for old properties (52% of them) or a sales stagnation or a decline (for 78% of them). Don’t worry; the three next reports highlight the positive environment in real estate.


Some tips to make your second home profitable

In Europe, France is the country with the largest number of second homes. Despite decreasing prices, maintenance costs represent from 4 to 5% of its acquisition value. Here are some tips to help you renting out better and reducing these costs. Read more »


March’s currency update: €/£ rate of 1.40 in sight

The euro has not been so resilient over the last seven days. It was the weakest performer among the major currencies, falling by two cents against sterling and losing one and half US cents. The euro is also the biggest loser in the year to date, down by nine and a half US cents and nine and three quarter cents lower against the pound.


February’s currency update: €/£ still above 1.30

It was a bad month for the euro but not the disastrous one it could have been. The single currency lost six and a quarter cents to the US dollar and was down by five and a quarter cents against sterling.


More price reductions expected for the French housing market

According to professionals, this year’s old dwelling prices in France should continue to slowly reduce, after three consecutive years of decrease. The reduction in property prices is definitely an ongoing phenomenon throughout the French territory.


January’s currency update: €/£ reached 1.30

It was quite a week for the euro. The single currency was already on the back foot last Friday and it lost further ground this week. It was the weakest performer among the major currencies, losing one and three quarter US cents and falling by two and a half cents against sterling.