Sextant Launches Keros, Its New Application

With its international dimension and its appetite for new technologies, Sextant stands out as a major player in the real estate ecosystem. In early March, the proxy network launches its new billing support application: Keros.

Keros completes the release of MySextant, another management tool available to agents, developed entirely by Sextant. Keros is therefore added to the range of assets already used by the 135 agents in the Sextant network: SMS freelance, extranets, 3D plans and so on.

This first version of Keros will simplify the life of the agents. This tool is a 2.0 sales management dashboard. It will allow them to easily publish their invoices for notaries, to manage the sales history, but also to explain the sponsorship within the network. A sponsor will be able to follow the sales of his godson and thus support him in his beginnings. The news flow within the team will allow for the exchange of tips and links between the members. A system of competition and follow-up of the best sellers will encourage the agents to realize more sales.

Keros was developed in collaboration with the existing network of consultants. Ten testers and beta-testers were involved in the process of creating the application, allowing everyone to better understand what were the major issues and areas for improvement. Evolutions are planned and are already studied by the development team.

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