Sextant, collecting an Award for Real Estate Agency France at the European Property Awards

For the third consecutive year, Sextant is collecting an Award for Real Estate Agency France at the 2018 European Property Awards.

A very recent announcement that already satisfies the group and especially its two founders, Matthieu Cany and Brice Bonato, who will have the pleasure of attending the award ceremony on October 25 at the Grand Hotel Lancaster Royal in London.

France is still one of the most visited countries in the world, and attracts more and more new international residents every year. The Sextant group has used its experience to continue to promote French real estate to international clients, and this has been another success for them.

Sextant differentiates itself once again by the quality of its services, its large network of real estate agents and its strong international reputation. Always looking to the future, the group has been constantly modernizing recently, in order to offer ever more qualitative services. This price is therefore the reward for all this work.

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