Top 5 Romantic Getaways For Couples In France

Each country has a unique picturesque setting that assists it to stand out among the others. Most couples opt to go to Switzerland for their honeymoon. But if there is any place that helps lovers of all ages to rekindle their passion and emotions for each other, then it has to be France. Paris has already been dubbed the most romantic city in the world. But several other places also have their claim to fame. Here, you will get top five places, other than Paris, which will invoke the true lover in you.

Bridge of Lovers in Annecy

Be it the summer or the winter months, it is obvious that any place that is named as the “Bridge of Lovers” will attract couples. The Pont des Amours is located in Annecy. The majestic town has a breathtaking setting, medieval style buildings, apart from this famous bridge. Legend has it that if a couple kisses each other on this bridge, their love for each other will last forever.

Ar Men Du in Brittany

If you want to spend some quality time with your partner, bask in the soft sun, and relax in the country side setting, with delicious food and comfortable stay, then a stay at the Ar Men Du must feature on your list. The mansion is located adjacent to the beach, and only accommodates 14 couples at one time. It is the appropriate place that will give you seclusion from the busy city life.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a gorgeous harbour town on France’s southwestern border, backing onto the Atlantic Ocean. Its marina is most beautiful at night when thousands of tiny lights illuminate the horizon. The surrounding promenade makes a lovely place for a romantic evening stroll. La Rochelle has an air of understated luxury, with its rows of sailboats, yachts, and a waterside strip of seafood restaurants.


Situated on the banks of the Loire River, Amboise’s cobblestone streets are brimming with delightful restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and boutiques. At the weekends it hosts a bustling farmer’s market. Once the home of the French royal court, Amboise’s 15th-century castle still reigns over the town and becomes truly enchanting at night.

Château de la Barre in Loire Valley

The Loire Valley has numerous castles, which have a fairy tale feel. What is a fairy tale without some romance in it? The setting, décor, and overall ambience are perfect for lovers who desire to discover their emotions in a fresh manner. Imagine you walking barefoot on the well-manicured lawns, hand in hand with your lover. If this imagery does not excite you, then you better not call yourself a romantic.


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