Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Rekindle The Fire Of Love Long After Marriage

When we think about 14th February, we envision teenagers, college students and even young professionals who will go out of their way to do something special for their beloved. But what about a couple that has spent 20 or 30 years together? They do not take much note of the Valentine’s Day. He may take her out for a candlelight dinner, or she cooks something special that he likes. That’s about it. Here, we will provide tips for those couples and how they can confess their undying passion and love for their partner in a new manner.


  1. Surprise him/her with a bedroom makeover

It is the best day to turn things around and make a fresh start towards a new romantic journey with your existing partner. You need not spend thousands to transform the whole room. Little alterations here and there, changing the lighting, adding poles and drapes to the bed will do the trick. Add soft light and music to enhance the mood. When he/she walks in, he/she will see your effort and fall in love with you once again.

  1. Bridge the geographical gap

The idea will also work for new couples but works best for long-married individuals. Professional constraints require husband and wife to stay apart from one another. Work pressure sometimes keeps them away on special days as well. A surprise visit will leave your better-half with tears of joy in his/her eyes, affirming the fact that he/she sees how much you love and care.

  1. A handwritten love letter

Too much dependence on technology and gadgets has sucked the fun and romance out of our lives. This Valentine’s Day take a trip back in time mentally and pen down what you feel for him/her, how he/she makes you feel special and how his/her has enriched your life. Take a red pen and write these on a plain sheet of paper. Leave it by the bedside with a red rose. This old-school approach will surely elevate your status as a lover.

  1. Date night jar

Give your partner a jar of date night ideas and they will be on cloud nine. You’ll never run out of ideas to go to out on a date and it shows them that you really look forward to the times you can spend with them when it’s just the two of you.

  1. Fortune cookie love

These fortune cookies are very decorative, and the great part is you get to fill them with your own message. These can be as cute or kinky as you want, so use what you know about your partner to pick the right mix of messages so that it’s a Valentine’s Day they won’t forget.

These tips may not seem much regarding money. But to your beloved, it is your feeling that matter more than any diamond.

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