Tips to revamp your bathroom within a budget

Though most people do not talk about the washroom, it requires as much care as your bedroom, or kitchen requires. After a long day, you desire to get some alone time and relaxation. What can be better than a long hot bath? If you do not desire to have a frown on your face when you enter your stuffy, damp or unclean bathroom, then these cheap tips will come in handy.

Adding extra lighting

Normal light bulbs are inexpensive. In fact, you can get fancy LED lights as well to illuminate your washroom. Try to opt for fixtures, which emit a bright light. If the light is dull, then your washroom will look smaller and depressive.

Apply a fresh coat of light paint

A can of paint is rather cheap. Make sure the paint has a light base. Light tints will reflect light and will create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. Select paints from a good brand so that it lasts longer. It is better to use a paint that has an oily texture. It assists water to slide off easily.

Make wall papers by yourself

All walls need some kind of covering. The walls which get the least amount of water splash can be protected with wall papers. You must have old newspapers and magazines at home. Paste these on the wall and apply a coat of waterproof translucent top coat on it. Thus, you will get a creative wall paper and reading material, both fused in one.

Making use of your creativity

A quick trip to the flea-market will give you amazing items, which when coupled with your creativity can transform the appearance of the bathroom, and that too without spending top dollars. You may use a vintage table in place of sending thousands on stone countertops. Opting for antique mirrors and vessel style sinks also add a unique touch, without spending a fortune.

These are just a few from thousands of such ideas, which will come to your rescue in case you wish to enhance the beauty of the washroom, without worrying about upsetting the monthly budget.

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