Sextant: winner at the European Property Awards

2017-2018 is the year of all success for Sextant, which was an Award Winner in the category Real Estate Agency 5-20 offices France”

This prize was awarded by a jury of more than 70 professionals including 2 Lords, the Earl of Liverpool.

The official announcement was made this Thursday, October 26, 2017 at the renowned London Lancaster Hotel.

Since 1990, France is the first touristic destination in the world because of many different aspects, its culture, its diversity of landscapes and so on.

Buying in France is a logical next step for many foreigners, especially with ease of transport, and when you know that more than 85 million tourists visit the country each year.

Obtaining this Award will support the reputation of Sextant and its serious.

Our two founders wanted remertake the opportunity to express their gratitude.

Brice Bonato:

“I would like to begin this speech with a general” thank you “to the jury who decided to award us this prize. This is a huge honor for Sextant to win such a prize, and it’s a rewards of 12 years.

We wanted to make France, a country accessible to an international clientele, and this award allows us to say that we participated in it.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all our international customers, and to all the people who have allowed Sextant to be a reference for buying real estate in France for 12 years. “.

Matthieu Cany:

“We would like to especially thank the organizers and the jury for this exceptional prize of course.

We have won this award thanks to our customers, our superb network that sounds more like a family to us, and our bilingual teams in London and Paris. These 12 years of work are bearing fruit and hoping that this year will be just as prosperous as the previous one. ”

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