How To Decorate Your House For Halloween On A Budget

It is already that time of the year where our homes are filled with ugly and scary Halloween decorations which look so fun and creative.

Just imagine taking a dead flower bed and sticking tombstones in it to make it look like a graveyard! Happy Halloween!!

There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween. If you’re one of those people that like to make your own costumes and decorations, here are some tips to decorate your haunted home for cheap:

Witch Pumpkin

Thinking of welcoming Halloween guests and keep mischief makers away, then the Witch pumpkin is just for you. It is designed using a faux pumpkin and basic supplies from the craft store. Creating the Witch pumpkin is so easy and does not involve too much carving.

Stencil One On

With a table cloth, Pumpkin-carving patterns and a template in mind, you can use stencils to create a unique pumpkin pattern. 

The great thing about this Halloween idea is that you can create the patterns with your children and make the activity so much fun.

Mad Scientist Specimens

What good is Halloween without the feel of being haunted?

You can get some toys that are scary and out of this world or if you don’t have one, you could get some toys in the shop. Then you add them to a glass jar, add green food coloring and put them in front of a spooky light source for maximum scary effect and you just made your home haunted.

Balloon Ghost

Kids just love balloons so why not create a Spooky Balloon Ghost.

Grab some white ones or other spooky colors and decorate your house for Halloween this year.

Tie a piece of paint cloth or white garbage bag over a balloon and tie at the neck.

Hang them from the trees or the eaves and make sure they are really scary.

Upcycled Poison Bottles

If you have got some old bottles, you have got a resource for a Halloween idea.

Instead of tossing the bottles away, you can turn these bottles into a Halloween décor.

Clean the bottles thoroughly; once dry, coat each bottle with one coat of spray primer and 2-3 coats of matte black spray paint.

Add your handwritten label and display these potables as a group.

Hand-Painted Insect Plates

This Halloween idea is sure going to spook your guests and all you need is inexpensive white dinner plates, a creepy-crawly makeover, black ceramic paint and easy-to-create bug silhouettes.

The Un-Dead Lurking in the Shadows

If you wanted to create the effect of a zombie at your front door, then this Halloween idea is just the thing.

With stacks of clothes tacked to the wall of your house, you could make people think you had a ghost standing in the shadows.

If this is not enough and you want to take your creativity to the next level, you could make ghostly people and try to make them dance with each other.

Share Your Halloween Ideas

If you have some awesome Halloween ideas, you can share in the comment below. Have a Happy Halloween.


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