The Effect Of Ecology On The French Real Estate Market


If there is one sector that can be banked upon, no matter how hard the economy has been hit, then it has to be the real estate market. Let us face the true facts; though inflation will have adverse effects on the growth of premium real estate, the demand for normal residential units will always be there.The real estate market in France plays on these set norms. But in the recent times, a new aspect has stepped into the arena. According to national statistics, the number of eco-friendly homes in France has been increasing. The influence of ecological awareness on the people has transpired into the property market in France.

Leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet

The main concept of ecology deals with the use and recycles of things so that less pressure is created on the renewable and non-renewable sources. The more we resort to using plastic and artificial products; we are leaving behind a bigger carbon footprint. By following the latest trend of including eco-friendly elements in the buildings, we will assist in minimizing the carbon footprint. Thus, the use of wood and recyclable products has increased, in the construction industry in France.

Gaining a rustic feel

Utilization of timber, just for the construction of forest cabins and holiday homes is the thing of the past. As per the latest ecological trends, which have crept into the real estate sector, full-time home constructions are using wood as they have been proven to be more long lasting than the plastic and artificial products.

Going off the grid

To become self-sufficient in the matter of power, many homeowners are opting to “go off the grid.” It means that they will create power to meet their daily needs by making use of renewable sources of energy, especially solar energy. It can be achieved by installing solar panels on the roofs. It will not only prove to be eco-friendly but will also lessen the pressure of dwindling fossil fuel supply.

Passing of government mandate

As per mandate, passed by the French Government in the year 2012, named Reglementation Thermique, all the homes constructed will have to abide by some rules and regulations. These are associated with draught proofing, insulation levels, and thermal efficiency. All these steps, when followed judiciously, will ensure that the home is eco-friendly in nature. It will also lower the cost of constructions.

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