Top Six Ways Of Keeping The Home Cool And Fresh

The summers have arrived. If you are living in a country that has equatorial or tropical climatic, then you will have to battle the heat waves as well as the humidity. When the summer is in full swing, staying indoors will not help your cause. Refreshing beverages and seasonal fruits will only help you to an extent. But what about your home? No one wants to step into a hot and stuffy home after a long day’s work. Here are some simple steps that will assist you in keeping the rooms cooler this summer.

Do not rely on the air conditioner alone

Air conditioners will no doubt bring relief during this summer season but relying on the AC alone will not be wise. The air conditioners will only work best in a closed room. As soon as you open the doors and windows, the cold air will rush out. Plus, the moment you step outside the AC room, the heat will give you a burning sensation. Thus, it is best to rely on the ceiling fan or a stand fan. Keeping a pot full of ice in front of the standard fan will provide you with a cool air as the ice will absorb a significant percentage of the heat.

Give importance to cross-ventilation

The positioning of the doors and windows is very crucial in keeping the room cool. Opening all windows will not necessarily bring in the fresh wind. Opening the wrong windows will bring in more sun and heat. If you need to keep the home cool, then keep the windows facing the sun closed. Open the windows that bring in plenty of air. Allowing cross-ventilation is very important. Opening windows that are positioned facing each other will keep the circulation of the air active. The entry of fresh air from one window will push the hot and stuffy air out of the other. Thus, strategic placement of doors and windows and their usage is crucial. The nights are much cooler than the days and thus, opening all windows after sunset will bring in the cool air from outside indoors.

Heat-proofing the bed and using proper textiles

If you want a cool sensation when you sleep, you will need to use some heat-proofing techniques for the bed. Keeping the bedroom windows closed will assist in this. Making the bed sheet slightly damp will help in keeping your feet cool. Apart from this, the use of right textiles will also go a long way in giving you a cool feeling at night. Stick to cotton and other soft natural fibers. As these fabrics have bigger pores in them, they allow the passage of air easily. It makes them breathable, and you will not feel hot or stuffy in bed, under the covers.

Lower the internal temperature of the body

Concentrating on the lowering of the outside temperature is required. On the other hand, you will also have to work on reducing the internal temperature of your body. Staying away from spicy, fried and oily food will assist in this. You will also need to increase the intake of water and fresh fruit juices. Sweating is common in summers. Through sweat, you tend to lose essential minerals and salts. The fruit juices, green leafy veggies, and succulent seasonal fruits will replenish the loss and also lower the internal body temperature. If you are fresh and cool on the inside, you will feel the same on the outside.

Plant more trees

There is nothing better than planting trees. Trees give out oxygen and also provide shade in the hot summers. If you plant more trees near your home, they will not only help the atmosphere but also keep the temperature of the area down. If you stay in apartments, then planting big trees is out of the question. Keeping small potted plants near the window will draw in fresh air. The leaves give out moisture through stomata during photosynthesis. The moisture will, in turn, make the room cooler.

Goodbye incandescent lighting

Another step that will work wonders for the atmosphere and also reduce the temperature of your home is throwing out incandescent light fixtures. Apart from using a lot of electrical energy, these lighting fixtures also become very hot. The heat from the surface gets dissipated in the surrounding area, thus making the room hotter. The CFLs are a good alternative.

These are simple steps, but when carried out in the appropriate manner, they will provide you with excellent results. Follow these tips, and you will not have to suffer from the irritating heat this summer or any other season.

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