Planning to maximise a little corner of your home into a chillout room?

How little is little you ask! As little as possible we say. We are actually talking about 160 square feet here. That’s roughly 15 square meters if you prefer metrics. Mission impossible you think? Well, don’t be so sure, we have pulled 5 tips to make sure that your little design project delivers with a bang! With all the advice below, your new relaxation corner will become one of the best spots in your house.

1 – Pick the right set of colors

Like with any design project, you have to start from a white canvas. Our advice to you is to go bold! Forget the white walls and pick a dark color. Something that will be catching eyes and attracting family and friends. In addition, you can also add another more subtle color, something neutral. Not only it will counterbalance the bold patches, it will also help merge that space into the rest of the house.

2 – Chose furniture carefully

Your space is limited so really you have to work around it. For a start, make sure it is not too big for the room otherwise folks will just avoid it. So how do you maximise space when it is so restricted? Well, if you can fit a sofa, consider a corner one, that way, your cozy spot will be very welcoming. If your corner is too tight, then you could drop a couple of poofs. These are light and mobile, therefore ideal for this type of areas. Last but not least, a table but again, do you really need one? Yes? Then pick a pull-out table, that way you have enough room for when guests arrive, the rest of the time, more space for you!

3 – Smart storage

How do you relax usually? Like everybody else you put your feet up. As for hobbies though, it is very likely you have particular ones. So whatever rocks your boat, make sure items are at hand, that way you can enjoy a rest and some of your favourite activities all in the same spot! That means storage of course, so what and where. Boxes under the sofa are ideal as they fill up wasted space. Any other little corner should be measured with a tape then look out for any shelves that fit, these are your best bets!

4 – Free movement

The last thing you want to avoid in your comfortable corner is obstruction. You need easy access to come and go, you need the same amount of freedom when moving around. It is therefore important that the main furniture is a good fit for the size of the room. This probably means new furniture, that is ok, there are plenty of second hand places where you can get really good bargains. And if you need to get rid of clunky pieces to make space too, well, you can also sell them there. Out staff are big fans of Gumtree and the British Heart Foundation.

5 – Mirror galore

Don’t go too heavy on mirrors, unless you want a mini replica of Versailles. But they are recommended to increase the feeling of space even if this is artificial. They are also great to reflect natural light and cast it across.

So, we knew you were willing to design a relaxation room, hopefully you got more ideas through here. These were our 5 tips to help you turn a little corner into an awesome spot for chillout. Next time we will share more tips to turn a similar empty space into a studio, just make sure you sign-up for our updates.


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