Who is going to help you with your kitchen in France?

The sales agreement has been signed, you have a completion date, now is a good time to prepare all the little changes you may have in mind to make the property you are buying your dream home.

You have already decided to turn the additional bedroom into an office, to create a partition in the living room to have a proper dining area … all these slight modifications are limitless and easy to implement. However, there is a room that is meant to keep the same function, the heart of the house: the kitchen.

A study has shown that people spend an average of 15 hours a week in this particular room.
It can either be to prepare a Sunday family lunch, eat a snake or to impress your wife or husband with impressive cooking skills, each and every one of us uses and arranges the kitchen according to our own preferences.

You trusted Sextant Properties to choose the house you will live in, we will now help you to decide who will accompany you in finding your perfect kitchen,

Here are the top companies we recommend:


Famous in the UK and in France, Xavie’z is one of the more expensive kitchen providers on our list. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly worth every penny with features including:

  • Each kitchen is uniquely designed and personalised according to your tastes
  • Vintage-style designs
  • Living room comfort to create a space which is truly the heart of the home
  • Large open spaces to create conviviality
  • Hand-made design and construction with high-quality materials

Thanks to Xavie’z you have a unique, charming, comfortable and user-friendly kitchen.

Price: €10,000 to €100,000


While Xavier’z, our previous contestant works largely with reworked vintage designs, Bulthaup has decided to play the modernity card with designs based on the purity of its lines. This kitchen maker has been awarded many prizes thanks to their superb productions and features. Bulthaup will offer you kitchens with:

  • A pure and modern design
  • Innovative and convenient solutions
  • A bespoke kitchen with advice from a specialist

The kitchen will turn to a modern art room designed to answer each and every kitchen need in an elegant environment.

Price: €10,000 to €40,000

Arthur Bonnet:

This professional is well-known for working with wood, stainless steel and acrylic finishing touches. These materials provide a quality design for attractive and long lasting kitchens.

The online catalogue enables endless testing with many combinations.

Price: €10,000 to €15,000€


Perene has decided to play the high-tech card with punchy designs and benefits from an excellent reputation.
Despite being much more affordable than the firms mentioned above, the quality is not affected, always offering a bespoke service to ensure a high quality result.

The satisfaction rate is beyond measure.


When you live in France, after a long day enjoying the area, discovering lovely areas and villages, you will turn on the TV and there is a high chance that at least once, you will hear the following motto “Ah non! la cuisine c’est nous … et Schmidt !”.
To understand: “No! We choose our kitchen … with Schmidt!”.
The reason many people have decided to trust this company is simple: both the price and the features are attractive. After a very simple selection via the website where you can explore all the possibilities and visualise the result from the comfort of your home, you have an appointment with an advisor from Schmidt for the final details.

There are, of course, other options to explore if you don’t find quite what you’re looking for with any of the kitchen providers mentioned above.

For instance, should you prefer an open kitchen, a dining space inside, or just a functional space to cook at your convenience, other companies could be of help in your kitchen:
La Cuisine Française which allows you to play on a selection of materials and colours for endless personalisation, La Cuisine dans le Bain with its colourful high standard services and products or even Mobalpa, are specialized companies.
Others, like Darty, are specialized in home engines and recently started proposing kitchen, remaining on its policy of attractive prices with an after sale service and guarantees.

The choice is now yours and we hope this article will help you in interior design planning!

I just have one more thing to add … Bon Appétit !

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