How drone videos assist the French property market

When the drone’s technology and the French property market connect, it gives a real good result allowing to virtually visit a beautiful villa without getting up off the sofa.

It is a revolution in the property market because drones can offer a unique sightseeing tour without booking flight tickets.

The principal advantage of a drone is to discover the property from the sky. It gives the potential buyer the chance to observe the surrounding nature. It allows to spot where the closest neighbour is or even to see if the beaches or the ski slopes are close enough to walk. This original and unusual view promotes the property as it highlights a swimming pool, a well-maintained and tree-filled garden, or a south facing terrace and balcony.

From the inside, the drone allows to give a complete painting of the volumes and the brightness of the rooms as well as the height of the ceilings. The drone better gives the space feeling than a normal picture.

If most French estate agents aren’t using this technology yet, some of our French local agents have moved forward and now offer high-quality video allowing to view every corner of the property.

This high-standard service offers an added value which allow modern agent to stand out from their competition. In recent years, people have become more demanding when it comes to put their property in an agent portfolio. This service will be seen as a true effort but has to be reserved for prestige villa, chalet, chateau or exclusive mandates. Indeed, the use of a drone requires a significant budget and it is compulsory to previously ask the owner’s permission before flying over his property.

A few years ago, the use of drones was mainly used by the army due to its high cost. It has recently become most common to own one and several websites offer high-technological drones at affordable prices.

Find here a sneak peak of websites selling high definition drones:

Since drones have become a leisure and work equipment, several professionals offer their services to film the inside and the outside of beautiful properties for sale in France. These third parties are trained to efficiently fly a drone and to realize a high definition and creative video (without breaking any furniture).

These virtual tours will attract more buyer’s interest because it offers a very high quality service more appreciated than normal pictures.

Aerial views offer an original perspective which allow to distinguish a property from another one. Here is an example of a drone video that has been uploaded on the website of one of our local agent Yoann Rogiers based in Martigues near Marseille:

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