What is the favourite France’s city for French people?

Paris has always been considered as the most beautiful city in France according to foreigners, besides it is the most visited city in France and even in Europe since around 27 millions tourists come to visit Paris every year. But is this city the favourite one of French people ?

The French weekly news magazine – L’Express – lately published a ranking of the French’s favourite cities in France. This ranking is composed of three under-categories – every category refers to a certain age group: young people, families and retired people.


This is ingenious since the expectations and criteria of a two-kids family are different from those of a retired couple or even from young students. Indeed, this ranking is based on 31 criteria (success rate at school, chilcare facility, healthcare facility, cultural sites or real estate market prices and the size of transit system…). Every criteria has a specific coefficient owing to the age category. Combining those criteria, L’Express has given a mark to every studied city.

Those who would have bet on big cities like Paris, Lyon or Marseille would have been very surprised about the results. In fact, the lucky winner is… the beautiful Bordeaux, capital of Aquitaine !


In every category, this city is ranked in the top 5 position according to L’Express. This city is the second favourite city according to youngs and retired people. As well, it is the fourth favourite city for families. However, Toulouse is the first favourite city for students, Nantes is the families’ favourite and Angers for old people.

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