Poitou Charentes: impressive historical heritage

Poitou Charentes is composed of four departments: Vienna, Deux-Sevres, Charente and Charente Maritime. There, places with names full of poetry such as Bressuire Bocage, Parthenay Gâtine, Green Venice, are not uncommon.
With an unrivalled ocean light, an impressive historical heritage, over a thousand Romanesque churches, hundreds of castles, towers, forts and prehistoric sites, the region brings us back to origins.
The shadows of famous people are hanging over the area. François 1er, Aliénor d’Aquitaine, Marie de Médicis, La Rochefoucauld, Richelieu, Pierre Loti, Françoise d’Aubigné who became Madame de Maintenon, are few examples of people who had the great chance to live in Poitou Charentes.

Food in Poitou Charentes is simple, harmonious and sublimates the inimitable flavors of local products. Best examples are Marennes oysters, Charron mussels,  Deux-Sèvres lamb and goat cheese, sun-drenched melons, Pineau and finally Charente’s pride, Cognac.

Take an iodized weekend at La Rochelle, cycling in the Ile de Ré, riding a boat in the Marais Poitevin. Always keep in mind that while visiting Poitou Charentes, the only risk is wanting to stay.


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In Charente, many vestiges reflect each era of the region’s civilization. Neolithic is represented by the Museum of Cognac, Bronze Age by the caves of Queroy, Gallo-Roman era by the thermal baths located in Chassenon. “Give time to time,” describes best the Charentais as he is, slow, reserved, clever and practical. Here’s how to discover the Charente! Take the opportunity to taste a delicious Cognac, “liquor of the gods” where, again, nothing is beautiful, nothing lasts if it is developed in a hurry or fever. This is a work of art where the complex alchemy between alcohol, air, wood and man’s hand attains perfection. While drinking, never forget to do it with respect, happiness and moderation.

Charente Maritime

Charente Maritime has a historical heritage of exceptional richness from its long ocean frontage to the special light which has nothing to envy to the sky of Italy, and a hinterland made ​​by harmonious contrasts. The golden sandy beaches of the Charente-Maritime, Island of Ré, Oléron, Aix Island, the gently rolling hills of the Val de Charente, the unspoilt villages dotted with churches, chapels, monasteries and other Art Roman monuments, the countryside or the fields of wheat, barley, alfalfa, rapeseed, vineyards and woods, create a beautiful mosaic with a unique color!
Places of wonder like the old port of La Rochelle, Talmont sur Gironde, the Gironde estuary south of Royan, the beacon on the island of Ré, the arena of Saintes, the Rochefort  Royal Rope are other places one should really not miss visiting while doing a trip in Charente Maritime.



The Deux-Sèvres offers hilly and green landscapes of countryside with flowing happy beautiful little streams. The Marais Poitevin and the Green Venice, Gâtine groves landscapes around Bressuire, Thouet Valley and Sèvre river, the Kings of England Road are beautiful places to visit.
Have pleasant and delightful walks and meet the many stories of the past that marked the territory. A good example of this is the Tumulus Grump, impressive in size and settled there since prehistoric times. Feel closer to history visiting the medieval town of Parthenay, the castle of Oiron, the city of Niort and its dungeon, the Romanesque churches of Melle.
Follow the “secret paths of Poitou”, discover the unknown treasures of the castle and its medieval Guyonnière garden. South of the department of Deux-Sèvres, in the heart of a vast forest, is Zoodyssée Chize, a place where you can find most of the European fauna.


 Vienne and Poitou

Although rooted in the land, the department of Vienne is also a land of contrasts, of trade, thanks to its borders. It is steeped in history and has a beautiful nature. Many architectural treasures are shelled along the department’s roads to remind us the role and challenges that have marked the territory.In the deep valley of the Gartempe or softer ones in Charente and Vienne, Poitou subtly contrasts the layout with its tasty combination of history and technology.
Indeed, at the heart of the department, bathed in the Clain, Poitiers, defy time. It is proud of its impressive historical heritage and creation of the Futuroscope Park dedicated to the image and new technologies.

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