La Fête de la musique

The 21st June has been etched into the calendar for the first time in 1982; it has marked the kick-starting of a popular and valued celebration that is now part of French culture: la Fete de la Musique. This year will be the 32nd edition.

« Fete de la musique » is the homophone for « Faites de la musique » which literally means « Make music ». Historically it is celebrated on the 21th of June to mark the summer solstice, which is also the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. Since its launch in 1982 thanks to the Culture minister Jack Lang, the celebration has enjoyed considerable success and a steadily growing reputation. It is indeed a great occasion to gather people around a common interest and celebrate every kind of music. On this special event, cities open public spaces so that both amateur musicians and spectators can enjoy music, gathered in the same place.

Although it came into being in 1982, it was officially recognized as a national celebration in 1983. More than thirty years after the first impulse, the Fete de la musique is now heard around the world with the Dom Toms (French islands) and every year more than 340 cities celebrate music.

Following on this successful project, several cultural events came into being to improve access to culture for as many as possible. Among others:

  • The Festival of cinema which takes place every year a few days after the Cannes  festival.
  • The Journees du Patrimoine (European heritage days): during which preserved monuments and places are exceptionally open to public.

The Fete de la Musique is now part of popular culture throughout France, therefore it would be a great occasion for you to plan your property viewing trip in France during this time of the year so that on the 21st June evening you can walk the streets of your favourite city, as vibrant as ever and taste the real France.


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