Euro Disney’s 20th Birthday!

The 1st European amusement Park has just reached its peak for its 20th Birthday,  welcoming 16 millions of visitors in 2012.

The Kingdom of Mickey and Cinderella is the first European touristic destination and seduced 400,000 more people in 2012. The “Equivalent of the city of Lyon”  its financial director Mark Stead was pleased to announce.

Euro Disney sees it as a great success for its “20th Birthday Program” despite the economical crisis context. One proof being the rapid increase in terms of numbers of visitors, new attractions and important renovations  were, set up in the two parks and hostels especially set up for this event.

We wanted to offer our visitors a unique experience” said Philippe Gas, Euro Disney CEO.

Bilan : +2% of visitors in April-June, then +9% during summer (July-September), increasing sells in shops, restaurants and hostels, attractive offers. As a result, the capital gain increased of 2,3% leading to 1,324 billion Euros.

The “Birthday Effect”

Euro Disney is hoping that the birthday effect will continue in 2013. A positive sign for 2012/2013 tax year is seen in the numbers of hostel reservations for the period of October-December, target already reached at 92%!

Nevertheless, Euro Disney losses still got up to 54% (85,6 billion Euros), but it is apparently due to some estate transactions and to exceptional refinancing costs for the debts of the group, for those, Walt Disney granted 1.3 billion of Euros in September.

Thanks to « the attractiveness of Disney’s products » the company wish to “reach a sustainable profitability for the coming years”.

It will continue to massively invest 150 million euros in 2012, same next year, so half a billion since the beginning of the economic crisis, said M. Gas, who announced for 2014 “a new attraction of large capacity” on the theme of Ratatouille.

In 2012, the two Paris Disney Parks won French clients (8.2 million) so 52% of the public, compared to 49% last year. Even if the crisis implied a loss of Spanish, Italians and Dutch clients.

British « that massively came back » is the second market (13%, more than 2 million of visitors), then the Spanish (9%), and the Belgians (6%), and the BRICS clients (Brazil, Russia…), growing consequently. A lot of these visitors are buying second home apartments in Paris.

Since 1992, Disneyland Paris has attracted more than 265 million of visitors. The “Typical Disney family” being a couple having managing positions, with high to middle income, with children from six to nine and used to buy Disney products. And what a better way to visit Paris and Disneyland than to have a nice “pied a terre” in Paris?

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