Best activities in the hinterlands of France

One great advantage in France is the large spaces in the countryside or in the French mountains. Those terrific landscapes are quite ideal for having fun and testing new activities. We will prove to you that the seaside is not at all an essential element to spending good holidays in France.

Canal cruising:

Even though you cannot enjoy the seaside, you can still access water in the hinterlands by crossing canals or rivers.  There are many canals in the South of France:

–          The Canal du Midi (from the Mediterranean sea to the Garonne river)

–          The Canal du Rhone (from the city of Sète to the Rhone river)


If you are looking for activities for your kids and you want an alternative to the beach in the South of France, give this a try. Hire canoes and canoe up the dramatic Gorges de l’Hérault. As regards thrill seekers, rafting is another way to cross the rivers or rapids in the French Pyrenees and the Jura. There, rafting turns out to be cheaper than in greater centres in the French Alps.


It still remains the best winter activity in France, especially in the French Alps and the Pyrenees. If you have never skied, we inform you that the high season generally starts in late autumn and ends in the first days of May. French ski resorts always maintain their higher prices between February and March, during French bank holidays. If you want to see our apartments near ski resorts, please click here.


France has probably the most extended area for hiking trails, so why not enjoy it? There are 60,000 kilometres (37,300 miles) of hiking trails in France such as the “Sentiers de Grande Randonnée”.

Best areas to hike are situated in the ski resorts during summer, near Mont Blanc where you can enjoy marvellous views over the Massif Central.


Contrary to what you may have been told, paragliding is not necessarily limited to upland environments. Just use an engine-driven winch to pull pilots aloft where they search for lift like their hill flying friends. We recommend the superb landscapes of Etretat, Paris, Gorges du Tarn, the Massif Central, and the French Alps for breathtaking views by paragliding.

Accrobranche (tree climbing):

Not only dedicated to children but also for teenagers and adults, accrobranche is a fabulous activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of trees. Of course, you are attached by a cable around your belt to prevent any accidents. However, accrobranche is not for people who feel dizzy because of heights. Famous French amusement parks provide this activity, such as Center Parcs.

Natural/amusement parks:

In the Massif Central (mountains in the centre of France), there is a famous amusement park called Vulcania, which pays tribute to the numerous volcanoes spread across the Auvergne region.

In addition, everybody knows Disneyland in Marne-la-Vallée, as well as Astérix Park in Northern Paris. These are the most famous amusement parks where you can have great fun either for a day or for a whole weekend, as Disneyland provides special offers from St Pancras Eurostar to offer cheaper family tickets. Indeed, there is a direct train that leaves London St Pancras and goes up to Disneyland/Marne-la-Vallée.

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