Mix pleasure and healthy food in your French garden

In France, the garden is often considered as deserving as much care as any other part of a property. Very much established as part of the French art of living, the garden is a warmplace to be enjoyed with family or friends. After the living room, a decisive criterion in the purchasing process. The French look for a natural garden with a rustic character, as well as food growing possibilities and heritage. The ideal French garden is becoming one with fruit trees and a vegetable patch.

For the last few years, the growing French concern about the environment and “manger sain” (“Eat healthy”), combined with the purchasing power crisis have boosted the vegetable patch trend in French properties. There are all sorts of vegetables and fruit that can be grown to suit every taste, from simple salads, celery, tomatoes or strawberries. In order to produce good results, some precautions are necessary at the start, especially in the organisation of the garden. Indeed, one must be careful in terms of what plant can be placed or not next to another. But anyone can manage a vegetable patch, with a few little tricks. . It’s very easy to buy seeds as many chains  specialised in plants -such as Jardiland or Truffaut- provide a large range of plants and flowers, depending on the seasons. For those opting for a more natural looking garden, or who prefer not to spend too much time gardening, a few carefully chosen vegetables can work well. This is the case of artichokes or pumpkins for example.

As for the location of the vegetable patch, the great trend of the moment is the carré potager (“kitchen garden square”). It is a square  set in the garden in which you can plant your fruit and vegetables; its assets are convenience and sleek design. Indeed, whatever its size it brings a little something to the garden as well as a tidy look. The square is also more convenient than a traditional vegetable patch as it’s the best use of space and means you don’t need to bend down so much. And importantly, the dog will stop destroying your plants!

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