Opening a bank account in France has never been so easy

You are buying a French property and would like to open a French bank account but don’t know how to proceed:What documents are required? Who to contact?  Don’t worry we are here to help you.


First, opening a French bank account is cheap, costing around 30 Euros per year, and offers various advantages. If you open a bank account in France you will be able to get a French mortgage, and pay and withdraw in France free of charge.



To open a French bank account the required documents are:

–      A copy of your passports

–       Your last two payslips

–      A utility bill less than 3 months old

–      A marriage certificate (if you are married)

–      Your P60

–      The reservation contract for the property you are buying in France.


Then, you also need to fill in a form in order to provide some information about yourself (name, address, telephone number, salary…) and choose what account(s) you want to open:

–      Individual or joint account

–      Savings account

–      Securities account

–      PEA


Moreover, thanks to this form you can choose between several options:

–      Card Visa or Visa Premier (with a minimum income of 3000€/month); immediate or deferred debit card.

–      Internet guarantee

–      Free chequebook included or not/ standard or portfolio size

–      Paper bank statements or online bank statements

–      Card/ key / paper insurance

–       Account insurance


For more information do not hesitate to contact Sextant French Mortgages on 020 7428 4918 or by email on




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