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I am a cash buyer. Why should I bother with a French Mortgage?

The pragmatism of astute real estate buyers will lead them to take on Read more »


Property prices in Paris- screened

Prices have soared in the capital, and have broken all records. However, this boom time could be over soon. Read more »


Top 10 French Christmas traditions

As we all know Christmas is a Christian feast but throughout Europe, the rituals associated with the onset of winter go back to time immemorial. Read more »


A new dawn for life annuity

Life annuity is coming back. Still potentially interesting, the investment deserves to be looked at in detail before signing up for it. Read more »


£300 travel vouchers you can use to fly to France!

We are running a competition with £300 travel vouchers you can use to fly to France. To participate you just need to click on the “Like” button at the top of our Facebook page:

Read more »


Self-employed borrowers given a small boost

It is quite well known that, since 2008, banks in the UK and in France have made life very difficult to self employed looking to get finance to buy properties Read more »


Putting down roots in Burgundy

Hugh Johnson, former owner of a shipping company, has loved France for nearly forty years. His job meant many exotic corners of the earth were no secret to him, Read more »


Sainte Catherine – 25th of November

Sainte Catherine is celebrated on the 25th of November. Catherine of Alexandria is the patron of the barbers, wheelwrights, rope makers, drapers, schoolchild and students, Read more »


Six steps to ensure a reliable Energy Efficiency Report (DPE in French).

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Benoist Apparu, Secretary of State in charge of Housing, presented 6 six steps to improve the energy efficiency rating. For the government, this is the way to silence criticism of the DPE. Read more »


Housing: rent out your property by yourself or via a professional?

MONEY ISSUES – If you are going to put an apartment or a house up for rent, it’s an aspect you’ll be thinking about. If you have free time, good legal knowledge and live near the property, why not manage it all yourself? About 50% of all landlords and 65% of The Particulier’s subscribers (a French magazine) have made this choice. Read more »