How does the property basket work?

• Register – Firstly, register on the website by clicking ‘Register free today’ found under the heading My Sextant. This is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Fill out your details and choose a sign in name and password. You can then choose exactly which regions you are looking for property in, as well as what your budget is and the type of property you desire. Once this is complete you’re set to go.

• Sign in – The next step is signing in. Click on the Sign in button and enter your user name and password.

• Search – Once signed in you can navigate your way around the website and explore some of the properties that are on offer to see which ones take your fancy.

• Add properties to favourites – When you find one that looks appealing and fulfils your criteria then you can click on the ‘Add Property to Favourites’ button on the right hand side and this property will be saved in your portfolio. You can then continue looking for more properties and later go back to your saved “favourite properties”.

• This function is useful in monitoring any changes in price of the properties that you might be interested in and also shows you when the property is sold. It is ideal for those who are planning a viewing trip to France in the next few weeks or months.



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