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We are very pleased to announce the launch this month of Sextant Mortgage, our dedicated in-house team of experienced French mortgage brokers. This new service is not only available to people purchasing through Sextant but also to anyone looking for a mortgage in France.

Our service:

1. We will collect the financial information from you and discuss it with our lenders to obtain an initial decision in principle free of charge

2. We will ensure that every step of the mortgage is handled promptly, efficiently and professionally. Fully independent, we can give you a free pre-application mortgage calculation to help in your search for a property, as well as making sure that the products quoted are the most competitive on the market, because we do not favor any banks. Most of our lenders give us preferential rates for that reason.

3. We will send you quotes through with the full details of the products and we will answer any questions or queries you may have

4. We will be liaising with the bank on your behalf – we work directly with the bank’s underwriters, which will smooth the process for you and save you a lot of time and struggle

5. We will be in direct contact with the lenders, and keep you updated all the time

Advantages of using us instead of going directly to the bank:

• Approaching a French bank for a mortgage can be very difficult particularly if you don’t speak French or you are not a French resident

• In-depth local knowledge of all documentation required for various lenders and mortgage process

• We can offer very competitive and exclusive lending terms

• We can pre-qualify your application before you start your property search to give you an idea of what you can afford and of the documentation is required

• We are the only mortgage broker from the UK to help with mortgages below €100,000

Little known secrets of the current French mortgage market

1. 100% LTV French mortgages**

2. Rates fixed for the entire term starting from 3.25%**

3. Some French products are capped at 1% above the initial rate, to give you more security

4. Interest only mortgages with variable rates starting from 2.75%

5. Rates starting from 2.45% for equity release and re-mortgage

Rate type Interest rate*** Monthly repayment for €100,000 over 15 years Maximum LTV
Variable Interest Only 2.75% €229 80%
Variable Repayment 2.30% €657 80%
Fixed Interest Only 4.50% €375 80%
Fixed Repayment 4.15% €747 80%
Capped Repayment 4.05% capped at 5.05% €742 100%*

* You would only be expected to pay the Notaire fees and the estate agent’s fees. Available only for properties of over €300,000

** Over a short term of 6 years on a repayment basis

*** Higher rates may be applicable for longer terms and different loan amounts

For more information related to French mortgages or if you would like to receive a free quote with no obligation, contact our in-house mortgage consultants by telephone: 0207 428 4918 or by email:

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