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Renegotiating your mortgages and loans: a very profitable business

We’ve all heard about the current drop in interest rates, but borrowers aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits. If you’ve already taken out a mortgage, you could in fact visit your bank and ...


The abolition of the French wealth tax might be official in 2011

Wealth tax, also known as the ‘’solidarity tax on fortunes’’ is paid at a rate of 0.6–1.8% on most assets worth more than €790,000, including property, jewellery, race horses, wine, boats and private jets (though not works of art)...


Paris property prices increased by 20% in 2010


France’s newspaper ‘Le Monde’ published some outstanding figures referring to real estate in Paris and in its suburban areas.

Paris property prices increased by 20% in 2010

A study carried out by...


A new capped mortgage product!

At Sextant Mortgages we’re pleased to present a brand new mortgage product, which has been developed to meet our clients’ needs and requests, as they go through the purchasing of a property: the new +1% capped product...


The enchanting world of thatched cottages- from rustic dwelling to bijou property

Thatch has come to symbolise the quintessential image of traditional, rural Normandy, synonymous with cosy half timbered farmhouses, ducks and chickens fluttering...


Welcome to Les Arcs

Known as one of the most sought after ski resort areas in the French Alps, Les Arcs is about to open another busy winter season.
It’s been reported that forty per cent of all Britons still head down to France to ski. Indeed, most British ski fanatics...


December French Mortgage Update

Individuals are not having too much trouble finding financing, and can borrow at very interesting rates. Indeed for the fourth month in a row, interest rates are at their lowest ever since 1945....


A truly French Christmas

Christmas time across the Channel is truly magical. It is still a perfectly good time to visit some properties in France and whilst you are there, the country provides ...


December French Currency Update

When the EU and the International Monetary Fund (and Germany) spent €110 billion to dig Greece out of its deep fiscal hole six months ago it looked for a while as though Brussels’ shock-and-awe tactic had done the job. The EU would stand behind ailing members of the euro zone...

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Cassoulet- a classic warming dish, perfect for the winter months

A Cassoulet is more than just a bean stew for those in the know how. Originally a peasant dish with origins dating back to the 14th century (legend has it that the citizens of Castelnaudary Read more »