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Free Golf property seminar on 7th January 2010

Registration is now open for Sextant Property’s latest free property seminar on 7th January 2010

Come to this free property seminar and learn how to choose investment properties with good returns for a reliable income now and in retirement, the advantages of buying off-plan and how to avoid the perils posed by currency fluctuations. This seminar’s featured development will be the stunning off-plan development of Pont Royal Golf


Christmas in France

France can be a truly magical place to spend Christmas. It is an incredibly diverse country – each region has developed its own distinct cultural character and heritage, making for a rich and varied collection of Christmas traditions. Most provinces celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December...


Understanding French Taxes

France is well known for the complexity of its tax and administration systems, however, don’t let that put you off of buying a property in France. The tax system is not as complicated as it may at first appear. Sextant Properties explains…

The tax system is not as complicated as it may at first appear

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December Currency update

Sterling spent November still mired in a range not altogether different from the one that held it in October. The four cents between €1.09 and €1.13 accounted for almost every minute of the pound’s month and €1.09 was never seriously threatened.

Yet again the euro managed to avoid the headlines and thereby the attention accorded to its higher-profile peers.


‘Hand of Henry’ starts national soul-searching

The controversial manner of France’s qualification for the World Cup next summer has led to an anguished debate over sport and morality, reports Paul Allen

Could this happen in any other country?


The easy way to set up a small business in France: The auto-entrepreneur status

Owners of property in France sometimes wish to make some extra cash by setting up a small business. Economic gloom in France has prompted the passing of a statute...


10 ways to Add value to your French home

Property, be it at home or abroad, is probably the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime but that is exactly what it is – an investment. So what can home-owners in France can do to maximise their investment?

Sextant Properties takes a look...

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How to renovate a listed building in France and access to grants

Many people dream of purchasing a dilapidated chateau, mill or 16th century cottage and lovingly restoring it to its former glory with style and taste. While this idle daydream absolutely has the potential to become a reality...

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Notaire fees and your new property in France

Buying property anywhere is a complex and rather bureaucratic exercise – each country has its own unique collection of quirky customs and obscure conventions that must be followed to the letter, often, it would seem...


Start the après-ski early on the ski train to the French Alps

As the leaves continue to fall and the days become ever shorter and increasingly cold and miserable, the average person naturally begins to entertain thoughts of escaping the damp gloom of the UK. Ski resorts have a sort of inherent glamour...