Property in France, trends rising unexpectedly

Based on recent statistics from real estate agents in France, property has been a huge market during the first quarter of 2017. Unexpectedly so because this time of the year is usually quiet. Any professional would concur with this so what happened? Well, as we see it, it is a combination of factors that contributed […]

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12 hysterical translations from English to French

If you are into travelling and all that it entails, this article is for you! Wait, what does travelling entail? Well, you know…exploring new horizons, meeting locals, discovering a new culture, trying new food and…getting lost in translation. That last item probably is the funniest part!

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The lost People of Easter Island

Not many people know that Easter Island belongs to Chile now. Not a surprise when you see that their coastline is 2,300 miles away. Yet if you check on Google Maps, this is a different story. Easter Island is right in the middle of southern Pacific.

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Top 6 regions for a villa in Southern France

The South of France has inspired numerous artists, one of the most famous ones probably is Van Gogh. The Dutch painter produced numerous masterpieces there and managed to capture its essence! But there is more to the South than Provence. The whole southern part of France is very picturesque with variety of scenery, culture and […]

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The aura of Michelin stars for restaurants

For a chef, a Michelin star is the equivalent of winning an Oscar if you are an actor or an actress. It is a the recognition of long and hard work. It takes months to produce a movie, it can take up this time to launch a restaurant extraordinaire.

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Menton, the worldwide capital of lemon

The popular resort on the French riviera is poised on the border with Italy. It is also just 4 miles away from Monaco. Being at the crossroads of regions, you can imagine that such a picturesque spot would be coveted by all parties involved, and it was.

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Mulhouse is the home of traditional carnival in France

Alsace has always been a dear region to Sextant. Not only it boasts beautiful landscapes and scenery, it is also home to lively folklore, a rich cuisine and vivid wines – what we appreciate above all is its joie de vivre. 

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French property market: the 2016 dynamics are still here

If you are considering acquiring a new home in France, 2016 was a very good year in terms of mortgage rates and prices. Now that we are well into 2017, obviously, the question that everybody is asking is whether those dynamics will linger in the new year.

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5 romantic destinations in France all year round!

Valentine’s day is around the corner, you will have noticed by the number of paraphernalia with love hearts in the shops! An excuse to get away for most couples too but beware of high prices that week. So why not visit a romantic destination at any other time of the year instead?

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4 presents that will really blow away your Valentine!

They say French is the language of Romance. Well, love is a universal feeling, maybe it is only due to the fact that there are so many expressions of love in France. The country is a top destination for tourism so possibly visitors who witnessed these just report back at home?

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